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Thread: SleepyNights by Babylove pullups...anybody tried?

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    Default SleepyNights by Babylove pullups...anybody tried?

    Now I think this might be just an Australasian brand (parent company is Unicharm which is apparently Japanese)...maybe they are distributed in other regions under a different name? idk. Anyhow I picked a couple of packs up at my local Coles the other day and I have to say I quite dig 'em

    Goodnites/DryNites XL, well I can 'fit into' them in the loosest sense of the word however they do not 'fit' me if you catch my drift. I have 38" hips. However these SleepyNights XL fit me considerably fact they almost look like they fit as the manufacturer intended. Also the sides are not prone to ripping as are the DryNites.

    They also do not have that 'trying to kid people that I'm just undies' look of the goodnite/drynite. There is no childish prints. Instead they just look like a size xs adult incontinence product, only cheaper, which might not appeal to some here, but personally I dig. They also have the same smell of an adult incontinence product, and are fairly noisy, for those who like that! The capacity seems considerably better than a Drynight too...of course it's nowhere near as good as my favourite pullup, (Molicare's) but it's still not bad. Overall these are pretty cool

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    Here's a different version.

    Kinda cool that they're plain white, but at the same time, they're blah-ish.

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