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Thread: Advise for traveling to USA for the first time from the UK

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    Default Advise for traveling to USA for the first time from the UK

    Hi Everyone

    Really hope you can advise as i have a couple holiday related questions about my incontinence issues for a upcoming holiday to Orlando in International Drive florida.
    Im suffer with double incontinence and wear nappies 24/7 using the most absorbant possible (currently tena slip active maxi Large)
    Normally never a problem as i have only ever been away short haul to eurpoe (im from the uk) and can just cope with taking a couple of packets of 22.
    This is my first time coming to the states and longest time* on holiday ever (2 weeks) so my question is rather than taking about 4-5 packets away with me is there anywhere in that area or away at all getting nappies/diapers out there? Somthing with maximum absorption also needs to be pe backed not cloth, im not bothered about thickness or noise just relability!
    My other question is about disposal in the hotel, when i have bee to spain i have been able to leave them in a taped bin liner in the bathroom of the hotel room and they have always been taken by housekeeping.
    Do i need to inform the hotel (as slighly embarrassed) would they provided a bin? Or* should i just do as i have done before?
    Finaly (sorry to be a pain) if out in restaurants and bars will i be able to safely change in the toilets/restrooms?

    Sorry if the questions sound daft but want to be prepared.

    Many Thanks

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    You should try ordering one to the hotel you're staying at, I haven't tried this but it's been suggested before when I had a similar post. Maybe look into that option.

    What I have done at a hotel is let them know to empty the bin everyday, that's it, no need to mention anything. If you're​ a bedwetting you might want to take your own plastic mattress cover, at least that's what I have done.

    Depends on the restaurant, but for the most part I've found most of their toilets are not really that easy to change in, but it's manageable.

    I have a question though, do international flights have handicap bathrooms? I've heard of those but just want to know... For the most part I've only been on interstate flights and end up unable to change immediately because there bathrooms are so small.... It's not really a pleasent experience >.<

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    there are medical supply stores in that area as it has an older populations they do generally stock diapers.

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    Thanks for geting back to me, I was thinking about ordering some to be delivered to the hotel but is that allowed? Would i need the room number im staying in or just my name with the hotels address. Not sure yet what to do on the plane as the longest flight ive been on before was about 3 hour's and just about managed, got to say didnt think of that. At night usually uses plastic pants over and touch wood never have let me down yet!

    Im staying kind of near idrive so not sure if you can recommend anywhere nearby or a short taxi drive away, can you recommend and good nappy/diaper that is very absorbant (maybe having a few drinks out!) thats plastic/pe i aways get a rash with cloth like material.

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    Mia in the recently revised air carriers act renewal , several things added were more disabled accesible toilets on planes and in cabin wheelchair securement , so there will be more friendly toilets coming.

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    If not getting them delivered to the hotel is possible, you can address the delivery to a nearby UPS Store or FedEx Office. The products available in 99% of stores are terrible. Bringing large amounts of anything on board a plane is really expensive. I'd suggest to find a website in the USA to purchase from and plan it to be there when you get there. As for what kind of products you need, you can visit, Amazon carries plenty of different brands. If you want to try ABDL diapers available in the states, go for that if you wish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    there are medical supply stores in that area as it has an older populations they do generally stock diapers.
    I think I recall someone posting a while back as well about a store in the Orlando area that sold higher quality diapers such as Abena, ComfiDry, etcetera as well. Anyone remember that, or may I be confusing it with another Florida city?

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    I've ordered to be delivered to my hotel in the states many times. Never a problem. Just email the hotel in advance to confirm and let the supplier know when you arrive. I have used LLMedico - great service but as you would expect there are many suppliers. Be aware that the Tena slips in the US are not the same (and I believe not as good) as in the U.K. I have used Confi Dry24/7 - good but not subtle. There are plenty of alternatives out there. US toilets are not great but you will make do. Have a great time T3ddy

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    I am in a similar situation and will be spending three weeks in Colorado the first time since I became dependant on nappies 24/7

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    Thanks everyone for your messages, i may somehow ask the hotel about having them sent there otherwise if you have them sent to a local ups or FedEx store how easy is that would i need to contact the store prior to ordering them? Is there any top brands you would personaly recommend?

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    Hi again what are the confi dry 24/7 like, would you recommend them? Are they reliable/comfy, Do they hold quite a bit?

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