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Thread: What's the Longest you had a dirty diaper on for?

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    Default What's the Longest you had a dirty diaper on for?

    What's the longest you went wearing a dirty diaper starting from clean to changing? Doesn't matter if u went #1 or #2 or both! The longest I can remember I went was a full day in a doubled stuffed diaper

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    For me, the longest is about 12 hours overnight. Had to go out to get breakfast when I got up so only showered and changed because of that.

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    Overnight, from somewhere around midnight until 8am. I was ready to be changed!

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    Overnight is probably the longest for me, by morning I'm usually ready to change and shower.

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    I've done over night a few times, but the longest would have to be 24hr, i layered 3 wore to bed, and then didn't change to until the following evening

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    I went 6 hours in a wet diaper. I let leak twice before changing. After a few hours of being wet, my crotch get really cold, so I usually change once it's full.
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    I don't stay in a wet diaper for extended periods very often. When I do I've only gone for a few hours. I tend to wet as soon as I put one on. If the mood strikes me to continue to wear the wet diaper I just walk around the house going about my routine and continue to wet over time. I mean, I'm wearing a diaper so I keep going whenever I feel the urge (so convenient) but here lies the problem. As I fill the diaper more and more over time I am more prone to leaks. I have more problems with leaks when I sit down than any other time. Sometimes I want to sit on my couch but if I am in a wet diaper I don't trust it. As it is sometimes I sit on the floor and when I sit down on the floor and then stand back up sometimes there is a moist spot on the floor. I don't like cleaning up the wet spots so most times I just stand when I am in a wet diaper. But I don't like to watch tv while standing. As such, I can only go a few hours in a wet diaper before changing. Also I sometimes wonder if wearing much past a few hours if I will get diaper rash. I have no desire to test out that theory.

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    Probably around 12-14 hours, overnight, from like 9/10pm until 10am-12pm

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    I think 3 days in 12 layer diapers. I have good skin and use lots of powder and baby oil.

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    Overnight, at most 12 hours. I'm not a big fan of staying in soiled diapers for very long otherwise.

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