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Thread: What kind of diapers do you like to wear?

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    Default What kind of diapers do you like to wear?

    What kind of diaper do you like to be put in (or put yourself in). Do you like plain white diapers, a pull-on, or a diaper with babyish prints? Personally, I like ones with babyish prints because they help me unlock my "little side" and some of them perform way better than a standard white diaper. Probably the best diapers I've ever been put in are:

    1. ABU Little Pawz
    2. ABU Space
    3. ABU Simple
    4. ABU Cushies and Super Dry Kids (tie)
    5. ABU Preschool Cloth and Plastic
    6. Bambino Classico, and Teddy
    7. Rearz Safari and Spoiled
    8. Tranquility ATN
    9. Unique Wellness Blue Medium
    10. Secure X-Plus

    These are my favorite 10 to wear or be put in. What are some of your favorite diapers to wear?

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    Abu little paws
    Abu space
    Abu simple
    Bambino belimisso
    Northshore supreme
    Always discrete (for feeeling)

    Those are a few of the ones I'll wear now... I used to love goodnites for the girl prints when I could fit them.

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    I'm pretty neutral as long as they're smooth plastic-backed. Generally, I prefer ones with taping panels to nothing or second chance tapes. I tend to prefer thinner to thicker if I'm being called upon to do anything of significance. Thicker than around an Abena M4 or Bambino Teddy, and I'd rather just laze at home.

    I don't really have an ultimate diaper despite having so many to choose from. I think ABU Plastic Preschools are closest for me right now, although I wish the plastic was a little smoother/more crinkly.

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    Should this thread be 'What kind of disposable diapers do you like to wear?"

    I wear cloth most of the time ... Snap-EZ pocket diapers and the occasional prefold and plastic pants.

    ABU Space is my favorite disposable, followed by Northshore Supreme Lites for when I'm out and about.

    Reusable products are what I wear about 85% of the time.

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    I've only tried dc amors so far and I really like them, they're plastic backed and I've been able to re-tape
    them and they still stick fine. They seem to hold a lot too. I have some bambinos on the way and cant
    wait to try them.

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    My favorite are Tykables

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    ABU diapers have really become my favorite now. Their feel alone is heavenly, and their performance matches it. But really, it depends on what I plan to do that day because I have other diapers with lower performance I like to wear when I need to actually do things.

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    the ones I use, little paws, attends with waistbands with some type of stuffer, depends with some kind of stuffer.

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    I like most of Abu, but I LOVE the velcro like tabs on Bambino Magnifico's. I really hope ABU will add a similar diaper to their line up soon.
    I also like Goodnites and the scent of Luvs. I sometimes put a Luvs in between the Goodnites, to get some of the scent. (GLGLG)

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