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Thread: people not understanding "deafness"

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    Default people not understanding "deafness"

    Sorry, but this is something that really pisses me off beyond control, I know people who don't understand deafness at all.

    It's the usual crap is, you're not deaf, where is your hearing aid, your lying, a lot of people seem to be ignorant about deafness.

    In the last five years, I've had to explain to about 5+ people that, I'm deaf and struggling to hear you, and there like you're not deaf, than having to frickin' explain that I am indeed deaf, and not all level of deafness REQUIRE a frickin' hearing aid.

    That being said it seems that a lot of people are so ignorant about things like deafness, blindness, autism etc.

    I'm just asking why, are people so misinformed about things like autism, transgender people etc, are people just naturally born stupid? I've met people where you have to explain to someone 100 times what something is, and a couple months later, they still can't grasp there head around it because it doesn't conform with what schools teach etc.

    Now with Autism, I've seen people say some stupid crap relating autism who don't understand it, for example "autistic people are rainman" you can't be autistic because you seem fine to me, etc.

    Sorry, but this really grinds my gears xD

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    Society - and the media - tend to focus on the most extreme of cases, and there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there. When the average person thinks of autism, they probably think of non-verbal children who spend all day rocking back and forth. If you've met a severely autistic person, you might think all autistic people are like that. Unless you know someone with a milder form, you may not know less severe versions exist.

    I personally wouldn't question someone if they said they had hearing problems, but if someone said they were deaf I would assume they couldn't hear at all or just barely. I think that's what most people think of when they hear the word ''deaf''. Maybe ''hard of hearing'' would be a more appropriate term. I have some minor hearing loss, but I think saying I was ''deaf'' would give people the wrong idea.

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    I absolutely feel you binary ,I have worked within the disabled community for years before being a card carrying member and have seen no end to stupidity , I swear we need a you tube channel dedicated to schooling people on disabilities , I can't tell you the number of times I have seen a person signing or passing notes because they are deaf and some idiot starts baby talking real loud , they do the same shit with blind people they talk real loud and real slow WTF ?.The thing that really screws with people heads is level of impairment , if your completely paralyzed and can't move anything, they understand but if you have purposefull movement of anything , they get really confused , we could really spend hours on the stupid people of the world, we actualy go up to the mall once a year and ask random people about disabilities and offer them a chance to be disabled ,blindfolds and earmuffs and wheelchairs , you name it , it's fun to tell someone who can't see there money to go buy an ice cream cone , or navigate a curb cut in a wheelchair etc... people go from zero to panic in a heart beat when they figure out they have to compensate for the lost sense or mobility, but taking them from panic back to reality is a thinking game , that's what our brain is for and getting some small semblance of understanding can sometimes set of a spark, people sometimes become "scholars" and actively work to break down barriers , there's a guy that we we worked with like 7 years ago, who takes the day off and comes work with us every year ,he got some understanding and has tune with it , and is a most valuable player in our awareness there are people who work at this every year , and are slowly making inroads in to how people perceive and understand disability. You might have a similar group near you.

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    There isn't a person on earth who's ignorance doesn't outweigh their knowledge by a fantastic amount. You might be happier if you could just accept that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drifter View Post
    There isn't a person on earth who's ignorance doesn't outweigh their knowledge by a fantastic amount. You might be happier if you could just accept that.
    I almost feel concerned by saying this but, Drifter has very much the right idea here.

    ( :

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    There is no universal law that one needs to be informed about minorities. There is even no universal law to be nice to people. You behave like a dick if you treat people differently because of race, age, gender, disabilities etc. But you can't do much about it either, can't you. I don't know any disabled people. Why would I think about how to behave towards them? It's a waste of time. And if the situation arises, I might say or do something stupid. But it's not because I don't like this person. I would be struggling with the situation that's all. Most people mean no harm. They don't know any better.

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    One of the reasons my ex wife is my ex wife is that I had to explain to her roughly once a week that I can't hear what she is saying when her back is turned.
    I'm above the legal limit for what is considered "deaf", I do not wear a hearing aid yet, and the only sign of me having a severe loss of hearing is that I look at people's mouth when they speak. Reading lips lets me function almost fully in my daily life.
    As I have selective hearing loss, I hear some frequency ranges just fine, and others not at all. Human speech tends to fall in the gray area I can sort of hear if I focus.

    I have a bonus, though. A couple of co-workers were talking shit about me being hard of hearing on the other side of a parking lot, so I yelled "YOU KNOW I READ LIPS, RIGHT?!"
    It's really useful sometimes.
    I'd trade it in for better hearing in a heartbeat, though. Having to turn up the TV to hear movie dialog, and then back down for the action is a pain in the ass.

    My current partner is absolutely magical about it. She'll face me when she speaks, and outdoors she speaks loud enough for me to hear her.
    It's become a part of how we interact on such a deep level that we don't even realize she is doing it until we stop to think about it. It's a non-issue. A solved problem.

    It's also part of why I love her so much.

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