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Thread: Pampers size 7

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    Default Pampers size 7

    Well I'm really wanting to go full time in diapers. What will size 7 work? I am really skinny with a waist of a 32..
    Please let me know

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    Default What's in a 'fit'...?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron21 View Post
    Well I'm really wanting to go full time in diapers. What will size 7 work? I am really skinny with a waist of a 32..
    Please let me know
    Waist, seat/hips, thighs, genitalia and, rise (and, bladder capacity)... will all need to be factored in -

    You may get them 'on' okay yet, there is nothing to indicate any particular, practical or, durable, use for you...

    Get, the smallest package of them - and, try them out for yourself; that's about the only way you'll know for sure - one way or, the other...

    Best of luck to you,

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    32 inch waist, I doubt it, I have a 30 inch waist and have skinny hips, unless you got tiny junk and tiny butt well then you might stand a chance, also size 7 is literally the same size as 6, whether you buy them in the UK or US, trust me I've had both

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    They'll probably be very snug but if they don't fit you can always make some simple tab extenders.

    I'm also not sure how well they'll work with male genitalia causing a gap though. From my experience as an occasional wearer of size 6 (female), they usually hold up pretty well but are prone to leaks especially if seated. I can see that getting annoying unless you don't mind leaks. Have yet to try messing in one.
    Like the others have said it's best to get a small bag to try out first. If you don't like them they make great stuffers in bigger higher quality adult diapers.

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    you should just get some previal generics mediums (the ones you can get anywhere just about). They sell under various names, you can get them in grocery stores and pharmacies... Otherwise you can get sm/med depends.

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    if your going the depends route I recommend waiting a bit till the plastic ones are back in stock at stores, unless you like cloth-like, don't expect stellar absorbency but they have been my work horse for a good 20 years now

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    Or if you want to stay with the Pampers name, Underjams should fit you.

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