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Thread: Job change???

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    Default Job change???

    Hi all,

    Like to get your opinion about the following:

    I can get a new job which sounds more interesting then doing now and it's a constant contract.
    The biggest disadvantage is a payment difference of 300-500 euro's a month.

    So should I stay or should i go ?

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    ♪♪If you stay there will be trouble

    If you go it will be double.♪♪

    but seriously, there is an awful lot of missing life variables for anyone here to really answer that, how important is money to you? do you NEED the extra money?

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    Is it worth effectively paying 300 to 500 Euros a month for more interesting work?

    Will the work remain interesting or will you end up as bored as you are now and with less money too?

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    We spend so much of our lives and our waking hours in a work environment, I think it's important to find work that is meaningful, challenging and fulfilling. If, by 'interesting' you mean it is in a field you have been trying to get into, with the potential of utilizing and enhancing your skills and interests in the future, then it would probably be worth some risk, even if it has less income and contractual extensions. So if it's something that would further your career in the long term, then I would seriously consider taking it. Sometimes you have to take a step back in life in order to take two steps forward.

    Also, if you're willing to take a significant cut in pay, then I have to wonder how things re going in your current job. If you're completely bored with it, if there's no challenge to it,if there's no chance of advancement, and your boss is a d*ck, then these are factors that could negatively affect your mental health. It can be very demoralizing and depressing working in a negative environment, so again, you may be better off to move on for your own health. If the new job sounds more interesting and may offer the hope of advancement down the road, then it may be worth the risk and payout.

    The question you need to answer is if this work is going to be 'interesting' enough to justify the risk and less pay.

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    “A ship is always safe at the shore - but that is NOT what it is built for.” Albert Einstein.

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    Also consider are you happy at your current job too. Is it bad enough to warrant a new job.

    You didn't mention if your current job has any benefits included, and versus your new one. Would changing jobs reset anything like time off per year, a retirement account, health benefits, or seniority in your field. You might be loosing more than just the money.

    Like the others said though, if you don't need the money and changing jobs won't hurt you in the long run
    And it is going to make you happier, then it may be worth it still.

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    I can't really tell you anything based on the facts you provided. I would need to know your current salary and more information about your current job.

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    Default the reduction like going from 10,000 to 9,500 or 1000 to 500? It's all relative. When I first started working, I worked for very little money even though my job position as a church organist/accompanist was at a very large and prestigious church. But once I was married with children, money mattered a lot more and so I left the big church for a smaller one where I made $5000 more a year as a starting salary. After awhile, I began to value myself in terms of how my employees valued me, and that is almost always found in the paycheck.

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    As everyone else has said, really depends on your circumstances.

    In my opinion, as long as you can pay all your bills and are putting away for retirement (20% of income is the usual rough guestimate), what you do with the rest is up to you. If you have enough buffer in your spending or can (and are willing) to reduce your expenses so you can do both at the lower salary, then it's just a question of whether you would be happy with the money you'd have left over for your other goals.

    Work is a huge part of your life, and going for the highest paycheck is absolutely not always the best option. At the same time, financial stability (or instability) can have a huge impact on your happiness and quality of life. I'd say take a good look at what the actual impact of a pay cut would be, weight it against the perceived benefit, and go from there.

    In my case, I know I could make significantly more money than I make now by moving geographically, but I love where I live, am close to family, an am comfortable enough with my current income.. so it's just not worth it.

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    Financial circumstances aside. Interesting is good, but for how long will it be interesting?

    I love my job, very rarely do I see it as going to work. I accepted the position because I knew it would hold my interest and be fun. I didn't even know what my pay was going to be until my first paycheck. Which is a bit financially risky, but being able to wake up and actually look forward to going to work was a game changer for me.

    The pay is better but wasn't a factor for me. I actually care about the people I work with and the company. I don't mind working hard all day or working overtime because I enjoy what I do.

    If the position is either going to move you closer to your career goals or is fun to you, take it. If it would financially compromise you, negotiate with the employer.

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