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    I've got a couple questions about the Rearz store:

    1. Do they have a changing room? (I'm assuming yes.)

    2. If yes, is it kosher to change diapers in it? Or is it strictly for clothing?

    I'm trying to figure out once and for all if I'm a M or a L in Rearz diapers. I should be a medium; I wear medium everything, diapers included (the M4 is my go-to diaper and it fits me perfectly). But the medium Rearz I've tried fit tight. I was hoping to get a couple sample packs, try one of each on at the store, and buy a bag of whichever one fits me best (I'm dying to try Seductions).

    Thanks, friends.
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    I'm not sure about their physical store, but they have always been quick to respond to me when I have order questions over e-mail or phone, usually within like an hour if within their business hours.


    [email protected]

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    Update: Rearz doesn't have a change room. It does, however, have a private washroom.

    I visited the store today. I've been dying to try the Seductions, but I also had sizing issues with the Inspire+ Incontrol and so wasn't sure if I'd need a medium (which is what I usually wear) or a large. And so I bought a trial pack, which led to the following exchange:

    Me: "Can I try it on here?"

    Awesome salesclerk: "Yup." Then, "Are you currently padded?"

    Me: "Yup."

    Her: *hands me a plastic bag*

    And so I changed out of my ATN and put on a medium Seduction. It fit--fits--perfectly. And then I walked back into the store and bought an entire bag. I love that this happened, and I love how the awesome salesclerk knew full-well I was diapered and that I'd just gone into the bathroom and changed from a wet one into a new one.

    As ever, Rearz is the best not just for their products but for the customer service and for helping normalize being an ABDL.
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    I must have just missed you! I've never tried on diapers at the store, only clothing. When I did that, I was told just to close the doors to the room. There was no one else in the store other than the sales clerk. I did not go in expecting to be "changed" by anyone, though that would certainly put their already excellent customer service over the top. ;-)

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