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Thread: Abri-Let Maxi replacement?

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    Default Abri-Let Maxi replacement?

    If you've used the old Abri-Let Maxi (I've heard they "improved" it with a thin SAP-based replacement), you know what I'm looking for. Long (22" IIRC), wide (4"?), and thick (about 3/4" of fluff)... it was like boosting your diaper with a mattress. Great bulk. Great wicking action. Made the old X-Plus a 12 hour diaper.

    Is there anything on the market nowadays that's comparable?

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    I prefer the Lille Classic pads. I think they're 60 x 15 cm. They're thinner, but if you use two you'd have the same bulk as the old Abri-Lets.

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    Got an e-mail just a bit ago that apparently ABU is releasing some boosters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    looks exactly like a quadro booster from bambinodiapers

    I've used the Quadro and the NorthShore, they're not soft and thick like I'm looking for - and the ABU announcement also mentioned their thinness. The old Abri-Let Maxi was like "wearing a cloud." I'll look at the Rearz and Lille, thanks! (Hoping they're available, cost-effectively, in the U.S.)

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    Has the absorbency gone down that much since the change? How much do you really need?

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    It's not the absorbency as much as it is the wicking and the bulk (for whatever reason, the old style "felt" trustworthy, the new does not - and I've had leaks with the new the SAP doesn't distribute as well as the old fluffy one did).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    Has the absorbency gone down that much since the change? How much do you really need?
    They were awesome at distributing wetness and the bulk when they were dry gave a much greater sense of security.
    It's not entirely the ability to absorb that I was interested in, but their ability to wick really well and the amazing dry bulk that made any diaper feel so much cushier.

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