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Thread: Abena 3 series. Is it worthed?

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    Default Abena 3 series. Is it worthed?

    Okay so here is the problem. Where I came from all the diaper are in other way suck. But I think i'll have a chance to bring back Abena M3/L3 series. I try The L4 before and they are amazing but what about the 3 series? Anyone here use it? How is it compared to 4 series? Is it worthed because mind you this thing cost double on what I usually pay for diaper.

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    The L3 series is very roughly about 33% less capable as their L4 series (in my opinion). If you're not using the diaper that much, don't care about changing way too often, or the're free, then it may be worth it. Otherwise, an easy comparability is to just multiply the price of an L3 by 133% (100% of an L3, and and the additional 33% that is left out in needing to equal an L4). Now, is that price still less than an L4- enough to justify the added changes needed anyways.

    The simplified answer is no, they are not worth it.

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    I see but I live in a place where it's really limited for the choice of diaper and none of the diaper here are very useful. That's why when I see a chance to grab Abena. I'm really curious about it.

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    The M3 are quite absorbent, discreet and comfortable. But I'm not a fan of the cloth-like backing. The diaper sags unless it's held up with underwear.

    I tried the Abri-Form range, but there is also a Premium (aka Air Plus) range. The only two differences are that the Premiums have a breathable backsheet (which is actually worse, because it makes the outside feel damp and doesn't contain odours), and a bit of stretchy elastic in the tapes (which is also worse as the clothlike backing means the diapers sag anyway; more elastic only makes the sagging worse).

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    I've used the M3s for some 14ish months at this point, always ends up being the ones I go back to. I personally love the cloth-backing, and only problem I feel I've had would be the tapes.
    M3 has 22 in a pack and (here at least) cost about $25 if I remember correctly. M4 is...what? 14 per pack? So yeah, if you don't need the extra thickness I'd probably go for M3...Well, or L3 if you need that size, but I can't talk much about those.
    I've recently considered trying M2 to see if they'd be enough for me, but haven't gotten around to that yet. Usually I try to use them as much as possible anyway, so it'll probably stay just a thought for a while.

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