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    So I have been a wearer of diapers for years and knew I wanted to use them but just started recently and I love it. But that is not my point👶
    Is there any diaper rash cream that works best and smells best and most babyish?? I have been using powder thus far and just wondering if I get cream can I use powder too for the smell? I have a tiny rash. thanks

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    I myself use the Rite-Aid Pharmacy "Generic" of "A + D Diaper Rash Cream" in a big jar for diaper rash. It works okay for me.

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    Desitin maximum strength it's either a purple tube/jar is what I use for minor rashes or irritations

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    Desitin is probably best if you have a diaper rash. We used it on our kids when they were little. I use J & J nightime baby lotion. It has a nice, babyish smell and it works well. Even better than that is Aveeno baby cream with dimethicone. It's called Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion. Dimethicone seals in the benefits of the lotion. Hospitals recommend dimethicone to their diabetic patients to put on their feet.

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