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Thread: How to handle major family gatherings after a night out.

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    Default How to handle major family gatherings after a night out.

    It's really not that big of a deal but some of my sibblings want to take me out for my birthday ( was earlier this week) and I just got home ( Midnight here in chicago) after a night of way to much food. Though I don't drink I was in fact pressed into a few glasses of wine. Like I said , not a big deal. However, the food intake was much more than I usually eat when out. I did take a dose of loperamide and avoided a BM in my diapers. In the recent past this practice has helped me prevent BM accidents in a public setting but has caused traumatic events the next day. My problem is that tomorrow I have my parents and some friends visiting for an afternoon meal so I will again use the loperamide to minimize BM accidents. This will be the first time I've used it 2 days in a row. With the 3 to 4 doses of Mtamucil I need to keep my BM's firm I know I will be backed up. The problem arises with the scheduled meeting with a land trust lawyer and my accountant on Monday. I'm already thinking about postpoment just knowing that Monday could be one of those days that, well, tmi. So, I really shoudn't postpone these meetings (again). But I dread sitting through serious disscusions with probably a couple of large loads in my diapers. It will be distracting and these are serious talks. I suppose the smart thing to do is to just postpone. I'm the paying client after all. But the guy that I am , I hate to inconvenience others ( twice in a week). I feel like such a dick. But I know from past experience that I would be better off physically chilling out and changing my diapers when needed which I'm sure will be fequent. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    While I don't usually have any bowel issues (rare) I do sometimes suffer from varying forms of bowel distress depending on diet, stress, meds and so on. I've become used to being able to identify issues in advance (sometimes) as you have with your meds and body. I discovered that I can prevent most major (and sometimes all) bowel issues by using an enema. Nothing fancy, just warm water in your standard bag (got it at a CVS I think). A couple of slow, easy, relaxed cycles of water in and out the night before can really cut down on issues the next day if not get rid of them entirely for me. I've also heard of others employing the same method with similar results.

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    I second the enema idea. Been doing it myself for years on days when I need certainty to not poop my diaper.

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    Just do what you feel is best. If you don't want to sit around in a poopy diaper, then don't! Just do what your gut tells you. Hehe.

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    Whenever I'm out its just unpleasent to stay in a filled up diaper, I change asap, even if it can sometimes disturb what I'm doing it's just so much better to clean up and change.

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    Your parents should understand the issues you have. Just explain the situation tactfully that your feeling under the weather.

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