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Thread: Had a slightly embarrassing moment earlier

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    So I needed to go and get some more of what I've been wearing at night recently as I had run out. I am fortunate that my nearest Asda stocks the Tena Slip so I decided to go late tonight when it was quiet all was fine until I went to go up sin the lift (elevator) as the store has a mezzanine floor where the Health and beauty stuff is but it was taped off saying dont use so I couldn't get up stairs so I had to ask a member of staff to get my supplies as I couldn't get upstairs because I'm in a wheelchair I find this slightly embarrassing in itself but I think she went to the tena lady section so couldn't find them then I had to tell her where they were , eventually it got sorted out but would have been less awkward if the lift hadn't been broken

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    Sorry. Sometimes life makes you shake your head and you think, oh, not again. My wife has a lot of health problems and we find ourselves waiting for the next big, unpleasant thing to happen. When we have a plain ordinary day, we're grateful.

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