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Thread: Does any one else shave or wax their crotch?

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    Cool Does any one else shave or wax their crotch?

    Is this a thing? The other night, after a long days work, I decided to .. you know! But I wanted to savour the moment & the feeling. I'd been refusing to wear for a good few weeks & thought why not shave as much hair off to get as close a feeling to the diaper as possible? I may have gone OTT! I even shaved my butt! lol!

    Does any one else do this? And are there any other tips or tricks to making it that much more a memorable experience? I've heard of smearing Petroleum Jelly/Vasaline to the inside of the diaper before.. (Not sure what that's all about!) I also heard about pouring loads of warm corn flour into the diaper too, which I presume is for added sensations?!

    What other crazy things do we all get up to! Thanks in advance!

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    I usually use my beard trimmer to trim my hair down as far as possible without actually shaving. I used to shave clean but the growing back got to uncomfortable for a few days, very itchy and pokey.

    As for a more memorable experience, I usually like to put lotion in my diaper to make things a little slippery, but my favorite is a whole banana.

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    As incontmiss says I shave to be clean besides I hate all that hair on my body Yuck! makes showering much better and faster

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    I get my crack waxed I love the feeling, wiping your bottom is so much easier afterwards too

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    I shave for hygiene purposes. Also helps to reduce leaks/wicking from the leg area.

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    I shave but not too close.
    Itchiness and ingrown hairs are not fun at all yeesh!

    But it does indeed make the diaper feel much nicer imo.
    Idk how you guys can shave your butts though! I've tried it before and what resulted was 2 days of horrifying itchiness.

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    I love how much closer the diaper feels when I'm baby smooth. I'd love to get my hair down there removed permanently. Definitely can tell the difference

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    I shave my public area weekly as I like the look. I haven't shaved my rear (not really sure how to do this and I don't have enough hair back there to make it worthwhile anyway).

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    I always shave my diaper area, for hygiene reasons, and because applying barrier cream is easier. Also hair increases odor

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