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Thread: I can't pee at school

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    Default I can't pee at school

    Ok so for some reason I can pee at school but when I go home I can pee just fine is it because I'm not wearing a diaper I fell that it wants to come out but doesn't and I feel the pee at the tip of me

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    Try wearing a diaper at school and see you're able. Gotta ask do have a phobia regarding public restrooms ?

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    Who wants to take bets on what cockamamie issues this guy will have in another 2 hours?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClickyKeys View Post
    Who wants to take bets on what cockamamie issues this guy will have in another 2 hours?
    Yeppers, I bet one Christmas tree wearing a hat :P

    (Cause I got plenty of them, not enough monies)

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    It's not unusual to be pee shy in public places. In high school one of my friends refused to use the restroom on campus and I too would rather hold it than use their restrooms.

    Not healthy at all, but the only real advice is it's a thing you have to get through. Stalls are more private than urinals which may help.

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