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    Does anybody else have a problem with cloth diapers leaking from wetting or messing them and how do you prevent it? (Talking about AIO cloth diapers)

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    AIOs ask a lot of the wearer, if that makes sense. A lot of things have to go 'right' to wear an AIO without leaking.

    The most important consideration is also the hardest to manage: Correct sizing. For example, I'm right in the middle between mediums and larges for most AIO products. I can wear the mediums without leaks, generally, but they're less comfortable than the larges, which leak quite often.

    With the diaper on, the second key consideration is fit around the legs. This is where most AIOs are prone to leak. If there's any of the interior lining outside the leg cuff, you'll have a leak. If the leg elastics don't form a good seal, avoiding leaks is almost impossible.

    Finally, some fabrics are more prone to wicking than others. For example, some diapers tend to wick to the outside if wetness exceeds what the lining can absorb. So changing frequently is good practice. That's not always possible, and I've found that sitting too long in a wet AIO will almost inevitably result in a puddle when I'm ready to change.

    I hope this helps!

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    I was a diapered bedwetter back in the early 60's and was put in cloth diapers and plastic pants. I now have severe bowel urgency (after a bowel resection for diverticulitis ) and actually need diapers around the clock. I've experimented with every type of cloth diaper there is. AIO's didn't do it for me - leaks. Pin on pre-folds _ I got tired of pinning on the diapers although the performance was good. Velcro closure were nice but always had problems laundering and drying. I settled on the Kins model 10700 cloth pull-up diaper. They work great. However, as you might imagine the laundering of messy cloth diapers was time consuming and diffficult. I now use a Comfidry 24/7 disposable as a "diaper liner" under the cloth pull-up with heavy gauge plastic pants. In addition I use liberal amounts of Desitin ointment (zinc oxide based) to prevent rashes along with Nullo deoderant pills to eliminate odor. I can be standing in a crowd loading my diapers and nobody would have a clue. Yes, it is a lot of diaper and not easy to conceal but it can be done with discretion. The 24/7 disposable has great capacity and excellent containment and poop rarely gets on my cloth pull-up. I use a rolling pin wheel over the plastic backing of the disposable so as the disposable becomes wet, so does the cloth pull-up. Between the 24/7 disposable and the cloth pull-up diaper I have amazing capacity for wetting and the inevidable messes. I use 3 to 4 doses of a bulk producing fiber supplement (Metamucil) to keep my BM's solid. Otherwise i will have loose stool. It does nothing to prevent the severe urgency but I absolutely detest loose BM's. the fiber does increase frequency and volume ( I have 3to5 extemely large BM's a day ) so the diaper combination I use is necessary.

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