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Thread: How many of us?

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    Question How many of us?

    I have decided to ditch diapers a little while back. I am just an adult little now, but I do enjoy regressing with a pacifier. I decided on it due to how it just isolated me from my friends.
    So am I the only one? Surely there are more of us.

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    I usually wear diapers when I go to bed. I might wear during the day once or twice a week, but for similar reasons like you, I have too many things that I either have to do or want to do. Diapers can get in the way, or I wouldn't really be enjoying them because all my attention would be focused on whatever I was doing.

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    I'm in the curious situation that I've occasionally wanted to be this kind of little - but I am stuck in diapers due to incon.

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    The fact that my friends have no idea about my little side is isolating but I do my best not to think about it. On the other hand, regression is very intimate act for me so it's not their bussiness. I think everyone is hiding something....

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    A lot of my friends know about my little side actually. I don't wear diapers cause I live with my parents and haven't had the chance to try yet. I'd like to try them but I regress fine without them.

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    I actually purged a month ago and ended up throwing away all the stuff I had acumulated over the last 3 years.

    As I expected the urge to try diapers returned.

    However I don't feel bad for purging.

    Right now I just have a few diapers and I'm more happy that way. I feel like before I had become too obsessed without noticing it. I had clothes, toys, etc... It became too much, especially since I now know I'm not a "full-time" ab if that makes sense. I feel very much like an adult, it's just that occasionally I like to feel like a toddler for an hour or so and that's it.

    I don't enjoy feeling like I'm a slave to it too. I'm much more happy knowing I could easily throw it all away today and be ok with that.

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    I not wear nappies much. mostly only at night.
    I only very few times in the daylight hours, usually only when I am feeling sick as it helps me cope. other then that I feel much more like a 5 year old boy that don't need to wear diapers.

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    Never really had an interest in diapers, love sippies and bottles (don't use bottles often though) . I am mostly what some refer to as a lifestyle little Most time not spent in the forced adult world (paying bills, cleaning the house, working the typical 8 - 4:30 job) I am a little. My friends know that I love stuffed animals and cartoons and that I don't do things that most grown-ups do, I don't drink alcohol, I don't watch scary or sexy tv or movies (one exception I watch the walking dead with the hubby every sunday that it's on and we've done this since season 2), I don't go clubbing or pretty much enjoy anything else that a normal modern adult would and they are ok with it. They don't know how far it goes and I am ok with that. The only person that does is the man I married.

    I guess that was way more detailed than you wanted. But um . . . yeah I don't wear, I regress without. <---- looking sheepish.

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    For me diaper can be very problematic because of changing and everything so sometimes I regress using roleplay or just cuddle my plushie. It's just that diaper is one of the way to regress but not necessarily be a way to actually be an AB.

    And yeah the irony is that I love printed diaper but hardly be able to get it. I just love it for the design alone tbh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaliborio View Post
    I'm in the curious situation that I've occasionally wanted to be this kind of little - but I am stuck in diapers due to incon.
    Yeah, that, definitely.

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