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Thread: Wetting more than once.

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    Red face Wetting more than once.

    Do any of you try to wet more than once or do you prefer to change right away? For my's so rare for me to have the house to myself that when I do have a chance to put a diaper on I like to use it to full capacity and beyond haha. I wondered if anyone was the same way.

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    Depending on how much diaper time I have, I will try to use it to its fullest. Love for my diaper to be saturated on the front and back. I will only change if I start to leak. This is only if I am home, but if I'm out in public I will only wet once or twice.

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    I wet my diapers until they leak (or come close). Don't want to put them to waste!

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    I'll wet until I need to take my diaper off due to my diaper being too wet or messy or I need to change because I am meeting people or going out.

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    I usually go until the whole front is wet and almost to the point of it going up the back, I try to get as much out of them as I can before they leak, the volume I wet at is not much so it would be a waste to just change after one hit if you will

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    I'm not continent, so wetting more than once is standard for me.

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    I like my diapers as wet as possible. If i don't have enough time to soak my diaper as much as i want, I'll add warm water to it. If really want to wear, but i know I'm not going to be able to wear for long, sometimes i will not pee in it, but only add warm water. That way, i can wear it once more later on.

    My first ABDL diapers (crinklz) are coming in the mail tomorrow, so i have alotted plenty of time for wearing this weekend. It will take A LOT longer to fill one of those, compared to cruddy depends or goodnites.

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    I keep it on until it leaks or until I need to take it off. So I pretty much almost always wet more than once.

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    I wet when my body decides to , and have to do random checks to make sure I don't reach leak stage , if I changed everytime a little came out , with my luck I would be changing and a flood would be hosed all over the bathroom.

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