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Thread: Thanks Twitter...

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    Default Thanks Twitter...

    I just want to share this there. Actualy its nothing important.

    So i just find out that when i repost something on Twitter then my mom get a notification. So im now Little scared because i watch there some abdl persons and shops. And i actualy repost a lot of furry things. (Thank god that actualy no diapers there) There is a way to fix this thing? (Thank you for reading this. Have a good day/night! And sorry for any mistakes)

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    If she following you ? if so you could block her, or I would suggest having a second account for NSFW stuff and alternating between them.

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    You can make a second account and then have the option to block outside users from seeing. Unless their on your phone.

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    Make a second email account. Create a second Twitter account. Don't connect your phone to the second account. If you connect your phone, people in your contacts can get notifications that you've created an account. From there they can start to follow the new account.

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    Adding to the second account suggestion. If you want to run both simultaneously on your computer, you can use a private browsing window (incognito in chrome) and login in that window.

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    its easy to make a gmail account for a separate twitter, definitely worth the effort especially if you don't want to share your diapers with your mother.

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    it can also be a little dangerous to have a "regular" and a "nswf" account on the same social media, it's easy to accidentally have the wrong one selected at a bad time

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    I just dellete that account and create new one. I just Don't wanna have 2 accounts. Thanks for help!

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    You could always have a second device for all this stuff and keep it PW protected and hidden away. Thats what I do. I have a second PC and an used android phone for all my diaper stuff. I have 2 separate accounts for youtube, FB, tumblr etc...

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    I also use a second account for DL-related things. Just make sure you log out of your DL account and get logged back in as your regular when done. If you just logout and don't log back in again, it will auto fill the login field with your DL account next time someone goes to use the service on that computer.

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