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Thread: Awkward moment for my wife

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    Default Awkward moment for my wife

    The other night my wife and I were out shopping for clothes. She was in the women's section and I was in men's. When I met back up with her she told me about an encounter she had. She said that she was bending down to pick up a shirt she had dropped and noticed that when she stood back up the front of her shirt had ridden up. As she quickly pulled it back down an elderly lady said to her "my I ask you a personal question, what brand of pull-ups are you wearing. My wife said she gasped a little and said Depends I think. The lady then said are they the discreet ones? Which my wife replied I guess so. As the lady walked off she said thanks, those look nice I will have to try them.

    Keep in mind my wife only wears them when she doesn't want to look for underwear and also because she knows I like it. But never has she wanted to be noticed. I felt bad for her but started playing with her about it.

    How do you feel your significant other would react in this type of situation?

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    I feel like my daddy would play along and work that diaper XD
    Really strut his stuff.

    He doesn't wear, but if he did, I'm much more shy and... well sheepish about myself than he is lol

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    My G/F would be like, talk to my boyfriend he has forgotten more about diapers then I'll ever know, and leave us talking well she runs off in embarrassment.

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