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Thread: Dakota Access Line

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    Default Dakota Access Line

    So, I'm not sure how many of you are well-informed on the situation in the Standing Rock Reservation, but for a while now, the tribe has been trying to protect their lands from big oil constructing a pipeline on top of their burial grounds. Now, I have read a few articles on the web stating that the Trump administration has actually approved the building of the line and the Corp now has the green light to begin construction; can anyone else confirm this and if it is indeed true, how do you feel?

    Personally, I am outraged and if I had a license and a vehicle, I'd drive down there and protest myself. I knew Trump would approve this only because he has a huge presence in the oil industry.

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    Trump thinks he can do any thing. This is ridiculous

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    I always thought that Native American land was like its own country. I wonder if this is something that will go to the Supreme Court? Legally, I don't know enough about the legality of building a pipeline on sacred Native American land, but I don't think it should be done.

    We're having a similar problem here in central Virginia. There's a company wanting to run a pipeline through the George Washington National Forest and through other peoples' properties. They're against the pipeline because they're afraid it will mar the beautiful scenery and of course, rupture and leak, destroying the ecology.

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    In my town we have a major gas line and they are not as visible is people that, I don't have any problems with gas lines as they save energy, otherwise it would be transported over the road in trucks but that said they could have possibly picked a better route, it's frustrating when people want better efficiency on transporting gas,fule oil ect but then don't want it in there back yards, moving the shit over the road is more dangerous and generates a lot more pollution. and once the ground grows back over then you never knew it was there aside form a few inspection points
    some times there choice of a route is problematic though., if you do the math it saves on energy that would just go off in to the environment, its the people that want more green ways to transport fuel but the protest , the "not in my back yard people" my response would be fine, we will disconnect the line to your house and good luck and stock pile fire wood
    same goes for the people that don't like the sight if wind turbines, fine disconnect and get your power else ware.
    Now I am not a total ass as I have installed a solar array on my roof at my own expense, I can switch the batteries fire my ups system and run on battery fir abiutb4 giurs

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamando View Post
    Trump thinks he can do any thing. This is ridiculous

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    Agreed. He's out of control.
    People actually voted for this fool.

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    The construction of DAPL is terrible, awful, hate it for many different reasons (Violation of Native American sovereignty, the fact that these pipelines tend to have a lot of spills, the pipeline will really only create 35 permanent jobs, just to name a few reasons I hate DAPL). But sadly, I'm not surprised by any of this at all. I can't officially confirm that he greenlit DAPL. But he did confirm Keystone XL Pipeline on Friday (another terrible pipeline), and I know he mentioned repeatedly that he was going to do DAPL, so I totally believe the claims that say he greenlit DAPL. This was sadly to be expected. This is terrible thing #5436 this administration has done, and it's only been 2 months.

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    Everyone is entitled to there own political stand points, but the building of this pipeline is actually a good thing. It will decrease the price of most petroleum products in the U.S. due to fewer or no shipping costs from point A to point B. If the land that the Native Americans are protesting on is sacred to them you thought they would of been cleaner while protesting and not left there trash all over. there are pipelines all over the U.S. that have been put in and a year or so after you cant even tell they were put in. Pipelines are actually a greener way to move products around the U.S. Sure you run the risk of a pipe line leaking, but they go thru rigorus testing and the welders welding have to be certified to weld on them. I was once certified to weld pipelines. Its a tough certification to master. You don't have all the truck emmisions to deal with. I am not starting or trying to start any arguments, I'm just stating my stand point.

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    Pipes are safer than trains. And the pipeline does not go through tribal lands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered Rabbit View Post
    So we're already there with a big spill. There should be no more pipelines.
    Yup, "safe". And clearly against what a majority of Americans, and especially native americans want. Or in this case, don't want.

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