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Thread: Crinklz large size any one ware them ?

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    Default Crinklz large size any one ware them ?

    Any one ware crinklz large could post a picture of one opened up so wings and padding are showing also what the fit is like

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    I've only tried mediums but I am also interested on giving the larges a shot. So we both wait :P

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    I wear the better dry large size. I never tried the mediums. I can give you dimensions, that may be more useful than a picture. Then you can compare to mediums. The fit is good, but they will sag after a good flooding. That is mostly due to the way the expand, which is to say, alot.

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    I wear large size crinklz for overnight all the time. I don't have a picture of them though as I'm on my phone at work right now. Here's the next best thing though.

    The are shaped very much like confidry, but not quite oversize like a confidry is. They have a very good fit in my opinion, and they have lower tapes for getting a snug fit around the legs.

    Be warned though, they swell up huge (like 3 inches thick) when wet. With their very high leak guards, they make a perfect overnight diaper for me, and I'm well hydrated and sleep on my side. Never had a leak with them yet.

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    Well wore my first large crinklz last night and the fit is great abs yes Solmo they do swell quite a bit
    I will post a comparison picture up when I get home tomorrow as I still have some mediums at home

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