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    If you were to create a reward/star chart for a new little, what sort of things would you put on there? What would you offer as rewards?

    My wife is starting to explore her little side and I wanted to create an incentive chart to reward her for her efforts. I already offer her m&ms for using her diaper. (Yay reverse potty training lol)

    We had seen a joke chart for dad helping take care of baby with things like "Change x many dirty diapers, get a BJ" or "make dinner, get a 6 pack". So that made me think that I could make one for my new little to encourage her to explore things more.

    Any ideas for things to put on the chart?

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    I've always loved reward charts. I hope to have one myself when I find a caregiver.
    Some ideas you could use are:
    Toys (little or big depending on the number of stars or whatever you use)
    Little outfits
    Little accessories like hair stuff or bracelets
    Sippy cups
    Coloring books
    Crayons/colored pencils/gel pens
    Finger paint
    A trip to the movies
    A trip to the zoo
    A trip to the park
    Ice cream
    Other sweets
    A trip to the mall/other store
    A trip to Disney/some other theme park (if she's realllly good and you can swing it)
    Video games
    Playing cards
    Board games
    A trip to the beach/lake/river/pool
    A vacation

    It really depends on what she likes you could get stuff for her adult side too. If she collects anything you could buy her stuff for her collection. If you're sexual you could add those types of rewards too. Maybe things she's wanted to try and stuff like that. It all just comes down to what your little likes.

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