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Thread: Salt Linked to nighttime urge.

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    Default Salt Linked to nighttime urge.

    I am not IC but being over 60 i do have a need to go during the night. Over the last few years I have been wearing nappies and have just let it flow when needed. This I found on the BBC and is very interesting. I am sure others here will find it so.

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    I rarely use salt , I never add it when cooking because some people are sensitive, I tend to occasionally add it to what I am eating on my plate, and I do actually have a ton of salt because I have kosher, Himalayan pink, smoked black Hawaiian, and sea salt , when I do put salt on something I have preferences, obviously because of the array of salt I have ,I have had an enlarged prostate for years although have shrunk it and a better stream with Tamulosin ( Flomax) , I also have a salt substitute in the cupboard that I will use if I think that my potassium is out of wack , which is pretty common thing with me .

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    In general. The body will handle the absorption of excess salt by also retaining more water to balance it out. As that salt level is gradually reduced through the day/night, your body will also get rid of that excess water. And as we all know, excess pee will exacerbate ones bladder.

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    I experience this a lot.

    If I have a very salty meal - usually at a restaurant, I eat a very low sodium diet, I am up all night. Sometimes it's as much as 7 or 8 times.

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    I agree. We usually have take away once a week, over the weekend. As unhealthy as it is, I like KFC.
    Often during the summer, I'm playing sport on a Saturday, spending hours out in the sun, and drinking water. Afterwards, we drink lots of beer, and I usually end up getting a bit wasted. When I'm drunk, the KFC craving hits, and we'll eat that for dinner, and I'll have some more beer.

    This always has the same effect.

    First, I get tired earlier due to fatigue and alcohol, so I'll go to bed earlier.
    But then, I'll sleep for a couple of hours, and inevitably wake up thirsty, a result of being in the sun all day, drinking alcohol, and of course the salt in the food.

    So I'll get up and drink, then pee, then drink again. For hours.

    It's not uncommon for me to get up 4-5 times during the night because I've drained the pint glass of water beside my bed and refill it, or to have to continually get up to pee because of my water/beer consumption.

    I don't complain though, as it's certainly better than not waking up to pee......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wombat View Post
    I don't complain though, as it's certainly better than not waking up to pee......
    I do. I'm tired of always waking up 2-4 times every night. And that's when I haven't been taking in too much salt or water. I'd much rather wake well rested with a wet diaper, than waking up to wet my diaper and try to get back to sleep (because getting up is a near guarantee I won't fall back asleep anytime soon).

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    Well the truth on alcohol is that yes it will help you sleep but as the body breaks it down it helps you less rest than you normally get , because it breaks up your sleep , I unfortunately know way to much about sleeping and everything that effects it +/- because of lifelong sleep disorders and one of the few real expert sleep pathologists caring for me.

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