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Thread: Need to order more diapers. Need feedback.

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    Default Need to order more diapers. Need feedback.

    I need to replenish my stock and want to get advise from people who have tried both. ABU Little Paws XL vs Tykables Overnites 3. I have used the Little Paws and love them but saw the Tykables are available in the larger size and are $5.00 cheaper for 40.

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    Tykables tend to run small so if size is an issue you may want to be careful buying them, knew a girl who was relatively slim and had to send them back and get large.

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    Go with little paws no sizing issues there , I wear a large with space to spare and I have 44" waist

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    Little paws will have a much thicker plastic front and a louder crinkle so it just depends on if u want a more bulky diaper of a softer one

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    You didn't give us much to go on as to what you're looking for in a diaper. Be as specific as possible. Make sure you state what you prefer, don't prefer, demand, and do not want, as well as how important cost is and what your ordering options are. (local pickup only? no USPS? Ships to PO box? available in Australia? etc)

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    The main reason behind the post was to get feedback on the Tykables. I have already used the Little Pawz and like them a lot.

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