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Thread: If you were a parent, would you make your children wear diapers longer than necessary?

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    Default If you were a parent, would you make your children wear diapers longer than necessary?

    I mean, if "normal" kids wear for like 2-3 years would you make them wear diapers for more time like 6-7 years?
    I would do it depending on what my children told me if they want to wear them for longer or just like "normal" kids

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    I would too-for as long as THEY decided they needed them.
    When I was young, I should have simply told my Mom that I needed them...she would have put me back in them-along with therapy.

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    I would only let them decide when they want to start potty training. Their body, their choice, even if I love diapers.

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    I would not make them. My kids trained pretty much on the own. Both were trained by 2 years old.

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    I agree with Trevor on this, although I do think it would have been better for it to be explained why.
    First of all, at first it seems like a good idea because it's based on our own experiences and I imagine many of us wish we could have stayed in diapers longer. But it's important to realize that this is our own experience and our own desire. These experiences and desires shouldn't be forced on your child, and you can't just let a child decide because they don't understand the full extent of what it is they would be deciding.

    It's important you potty train your child, it's fine if they take a bit longer than usual, that isn't abused. But I do think it's important to potty train your child regardless even if they don't want to be. We are talking about your child whom will have to go through many life experiences growing up and going through schooling. You don't want them having anymore a hard time because of a stupid mistake their parent made neglecting to properly potty train them. Don't make them go through such embarrassment.

    Now after potty training them, and you happen to find out later in life they are still using diapers like in their younger teens, it's a different story at that point. They are old enough to decide on their own I would say, but I also do think it's important to really talk to them about how it's seen by most people and what they would have to put up with and how they should keep it private. Though I'm sure by this point they would know all this by now ... at least mostly.

    Anyway, if it's something they really want to do, they will do it behind your back and at least then you know absolutely it was their choice to do and not something that was just thought of lightly and the parent decided to go along with it without really putting their foot down.

    Now this is just my opinion, but I do think it's important to be a parent, and sometimes that means doing things that you child may not be exactly happy about at first, but will thank you later in life for, and I for sure think this is one of those situations. LOL well, they may never thank you for it, but what child thanks their parents for potty training lmao ... well, I think it's more about the point XD. I'm sure you understand what I mean, or at least I hope.

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    Absolutely no way. Why would you push your fetish on children? Just... why?!

    Not only would I not force diapers on any poor child that didn't need them, I wouldn't allow them to use diapers if they didn't need them. At least, not until they were old enough to take care of things themselves, and only if they'd expressed a persistent interest and I thought they were going to be ABDL. And with a hell of a lot more provisos besides.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    I'd call that child abuse.
    Yep. Me too.

    It may not seem like it to adults (and maybe even less so to ABDL adults), but potty training must be a very important part in a child's development. I can, to this day, recall a particularly proud moment when my father came home from work and, all by myself, I fetched the potty, set it down at his feet and almost instantly produced a monumental turd. My new trick! I'd been wanting to show him for days! Strangely he was less than congratulatory, even leaping out of his seat, and running out of the room blaspheming loudly. But deep down, I still knew I'd done a great job.

    Typically, potty training is amongst the first skills a child learns. Like learning to walk, being able to control bodily functions gives children one of their first experiences of gaining control. It probably makes them realise that, with practice, they can change the world around them and accomplish new things. Not only that, but they're starting to realise that "diapers are for babies" and that, if they don't need them, they are very "grown up" -- cleverer, more skilful, more respected, more in control, etc. Which is great for their self-esteem.

    Admittedly some children will never be potty trained, whilst others may have a different schedule to go by based on their personal conditions and abilities. But for most kids, potty training is a "big thing" they want to get right to show how grown up they are.

    Children are far, far, far too important to abuse and disrespect by forcing them into diapers. If you're a parent, you should love your kids and want the best for them.

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    My opinion comes from a single man w/no kids, however,

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    No way. Especially so if you only have a diaper fetish too. That would just be disgusting and abusive- sexual abuse to boot.

    Now if that child was genuinely interested in diapers themselves, or otherwise a diaper/teen lover, then I would be an absolute hypocrite to not let them flourish as they are.

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    what would you do if your, let's say, 9 year-old begins to wet his or her bed every night?
    First, I'd imagine, take him/her to the doctor, right?
    Then, provide proper bed-wetting clothing, right?
    If they continue, then obviously they would require protection-whether or not the child "likes" it.
    Would that be considered child abuse? At my age, I'm not about to have kids or marry into any any time soon...just curious. Very interesting discussion I may add

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