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Thread: Do you worry about your children finding out?

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    Default Do you worry about your children finding out?

    I have three adult children and two non-related young adults living in my house with me and my wife. All of their lives I have been hiding my DL side. I have recently started to wear more frequently and in more public spaces in the household leading me to be more self conscious of getting caught. I am getting older and closer to that time of life were people may need diapers so the jokes about it are more frequent. I wonder if they know and are trying to tell me it's OK.

    One of my daughters is really into Anime and Furies and goes to conventions as an artist. One day in the car with everyone the topic popped up. I did not initiate it but my daughter said "You know, Dad, some people wear diapers for comfort". I was floored!! My wife made a sideways look at me with a slight smile as she already knows.

    I am ready to explain my DL side if it comes up but I do not plan to tell. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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    I don't worry about my daughter finding out seeing as she's a cat. Guaranteed not to tattle.
    Ahaha XD Couldn't resist; anywho if I did have actual children, I would indeed be worried.

    I wouldn't be surprised if your daughter knew about our subculture with her interests and am pleasantly surprised that she doesn't seem negatively phased by it either unlike most.

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    Love kitties already know!!!

    I have a great relationship with my kids so I know they would all mostly understand. The Guys may not so much

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    My daughter in law once made a furry comment to me, connected to adult babies. I'm always getting caught, scurrying to hide stuff when they come over. One time they sent their son in to leave something at our house when my wife and I were out, and he left it on my teddy bear which resides on our bed.

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    My son knows for sure, nothing I can do about it. He has seen used diapers backed in the pail in our garage, cloth diapers and plastic pants stacked in a nearby room, packs of disposable diapers in our bedroom, and me waddling at home. He knows about My incontinence and never say anything, maybe my wife explained to him. However since I wear for medical need and not pleasure, I can't or won't hide myself.

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    My sons know I wear diapers 24/7 due to incontinence but not about my growing baby side.

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    I suspect my Dad snoops through my stuff when he comes over but so far he has said nothing.

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