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Thread: Easy Ups vs. Baby Dry vs. Pull Ups

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    Default Easy Ups vs. Baby Dry vs. Pull Ups

    Ok basically I was wondering what is the best between the three based on the opinions of those who have tried them. I am specifically interested in the Easy Ups b/c they are the only diaper of the three that I have not tried. Please tell me how the stretching was and how the absorbtion was. Also, please do not post on here saying why waste your money on those when you can get adult diapers b/c adult diapers can only be bought at one store around me and I will be recognized there and I also just like baby diapers more. Thanks in advance

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    Let's see...

    I haven't tried Baby Dry.

    Pullups: Pretty good. Hold one-two wettings, if wet slowly. Their cool-alert actually woke me up one time, while I was still going.

    Easy Ups: The only good thing about them is designs. Their absorption sucks. Their capacity sucks. The sides suck. Stretchability. Sucks.

    Go with Pull-Ups, or Baby Dry.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    easy ups: not very absorbant. VERY stretchy sides, but rip easily. I got a size 5 to fit my 34 inch hips temporarily (i mean like 5 seconds until it ripped) without any modifications.

    baby dry: I don't wet my diapers so I can't say much about the absorbency. the sides are pretty stretchy, enough to fit up to 35 inch hips with a bit of pre-stretching beforehand. even though they fit me, the right-side front tab would always break off after a few minutes. I'm guessing this was a qc issue though because the right side tab didn't look like it was glued on properly compared to the left-side tab which seemed very strong and never had any problems with breaking. anyway these are paper thin when dry, they feel like wearing normal underwear.

    I've never used pull ups.

    I'd say go with baby dry because easy ups just aren't that great imo
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    Usual thing about "if you really do want to think that tightly stretched baby diapers are a fit..." etc

    But anyway. If you're 16 then maybe you're skinny enough to make it worth the effort.

    Myself, can't comment on BabyDry. Toddler Pull-ups have no chance of fitting me (about 32" waist), though Goodnites/Drynites in the larger size fit.

    EasyUps, as said above, ripped in 5 seconds. Ended up using them as soakers.

    If not adult diapers though, I would recommend Goodnites. They're going to be bigger than the toddler PullUps. They don't hold much though. Don't flood them and they are less likely to leak until full.

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    I would guess baby dry's as they are the only real diaper in the lot, the rest are training pants and do you really want to use the potty? I know I don't want to use the potty ;-P

    (also for those that don't get it, I am TRYING to be funny)

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    Baby Dry's are the best out of the three brands. They hold a lot, and are very big (about the size of Cruisers Size 7).

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    Thank you for all of the replys so far. I have one other question though: Does anyone know anything about huggies diapers?

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    I would go with the baby dry's
    they make a great booster pad inside adult diapers.

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    Hmm... well, I can't recommend baby diapers over quality adult ones, but I'd have to vote for Baby-Dry.

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