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    Anyone work in fast food before? I need some advice for applying for fast food joints I've tried everywhere and haven't got anywhere.

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    I have worked in a fast food quite a bit in my life, but I'm not sure what sort of advice you are looking for. To get hired is pretty much the same for every job, fast food or not. I do think it's important that you do as much research on the company as possible. Maybe go and ask some employees about the job, what is expected, and if they have an advice in general. You might even be able to ask a bit about their boss and such. Maybe meet the boss to, and just ask some question. Generally, just the show of interest can increase your chances significantly. Also, making sure to share your name of course. It will all be for not if they don't know who you are lol.

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    Biggest thing is to keep in mind the kind of stuff the employer is going to care about. For a fast food gig:

    - They want someone who is gonna show up on time.
    - Who is going to be able to work well with others and not be a pain in the ass to deal with.
    - Who isn't going to steal.
    - Who isn't going to scare off customers.

    Why not post a sample of an application you've filled out (with appropriate info redacted), I'm sure plenty of people on this forum can give you pointers and such. Subtle wording changes can make all the difference.

    If you are failing in the interview stage, that's a bit more tricky. There are (literally) entire books written on how to handle a job interview, but for a McJob it's mostly about what I listed before. Show up well dressed (though not excessively, wearing a suit to a job at a burger place is probably a bit much), well groomed, etc.. and just generally try to give the impression that they won't have to deal with you showing up late all the time, stealing, or causing issues with customers/other employees.

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    When I was your age I had quite a few jobs in the service sector, although not food. I do think that the important aspect of working in a customer facing role is, ironically, customer service. There have been so many times I have gone into a fast food place and either not been greeted or served by someone who seemed like they did not care. I do understand that jobs in these places are not particularly exciting and they can be draining from long hours or annoying customers. But to me I at least expect someone working in the service industries to be engaged and friendly. I am not looking for attention to detail or overly helpful, just someone capable of taking the order and getting me my grub in an efficient way.

    If I were going for a job in a fast food joint I would tailor my application to show how great I was at giving first class customer service. I would also make nods to being energetic and able to cover shifts at short notice. Places that rely on high staff numbers and generally have a high staff turnaround usually love workers that can come in on their days off and stay a little later if cover is needed. I obtained lots of casual work by explaining I was looking for extra hours and simply wanted to be part of a team. Managers of these places love a committed person who can go the extra mile.

    It may be a little white lie but sometimes with huge companies explaining you are looking for a career or least looking to expand your skills can help you stand out. Saying you are just looking for cash or way to pay bills can come off as being unreliable and just looking for a quick fix. The managers of these places will have plenty of staff who only work a few weeks or months as a stop gap and you want to be seen as being in it for a while. Showing you want to learn and gain experience may help you stand out. Lastly, as others have said asking questions and showing interest will be a big help, coupled with a good attitude and a little smile should see you onto a winner.

    On a personal note Binary, I am glad you are thinking forward and trying to get a job. Seeing your personal situation unfold from your posts does have me worried and getting a job, even a McJob, will help build your self esteem. It will also help you have a platform to start building your life and moving on from the horrid situation you have been in recently. Best of luck.

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    Be prepared for a fast moving and some times quite stressful (at lest for me) I could not handle the stress and ended up working for a cleaning company, it's still fast pace but less contact with customers and that work was mostly a night shift, I did that when in collage as well, I cleaned dorm rooms and got them ready for the next occupants. I got fired from McJob because I came up with different names for some of the food, my favorite was calling the chicken nuggets "bunny bits" most people thought it was funny, even most of the managers as I did not call them that in front of customers, but one manager did not. so I moved on. One of the first times I wore a diaper to work was at that job, I was scared as hell some one hear the crinkling though the thin uniform. I can't totally bash that job though, I was on the night shift and we had more freedom to joke around and got an extra buck an hour for being on that shift.

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