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Thread: Shoes that go with LG dresses

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    Default Shoes that go with LG dresses

    If you have nice dresses, u got to have nice shoes that go with it.
    I personally like ballerina flats and mary jane shoes but find them hard to buy in adult sizes.
    I want the shoes to be in the same disgn as those used for little girls.
    Any ideas on how to get those shoes?

    By the way, does anyone have the experience customize order show made with LG disgn? How does it work?
    and as for the new technologies such as 3d printing, do u think they will help making those shoes?
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    This show i found it on a retail website and it was made to 24.5cm internal lenghth maximum, the size i happened to be able to fit in. shoes like these are so rare.

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    there is a another one i found, made 25cm internally for the largest size.
    i like it and believe it will go nicely with my dresses.

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    Where did you find these? I love the pink! *jealous*

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdorableRabbit View Post
    Where did you find these? I love the pink! *jealous*
    I found them from a Chinese retail website, Tabao. Since advertising is not allowed i will not put a link here. I figured China is the most populous country and if u want to find something a relative small aundience uses u might find it from Chinese marketplace.
    I found maybe 3-4 items of shoes of this kind, but they are about the only two i'm interested in buying. I don't know if they ship overseas though. I will post as soon as I get hands on one of them.

    actually, i'm more intested in hand-made shoes. I prefer the flat ballerina flat shoes that a little pricess would wear with her long stockings, that would feel very nice to me.

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    This one is the ideal kind of shoe i'd like to match with any dresses. It is simple and classic. i still haven't been able to find one that fits my size.
    I wish it is easy for hand-making. If there is a shoe-maker can upscale that kind of shoe would be great.

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    i find it odd, not alot of people are talking about shoes because in my humble opinion, a nice LG dress cannot go without a nice pair of LG shoes, This might be a potential market for sissy lg adult market.

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    I have big feet even for a guy (size 12). I was able to find Mary Janes in my size (might have been ebay). I also have some ballet slippers (well I even have point shoes).

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    Saddle shoes, you can't be a little girl without at least one pair of saddle shoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deepdream01 View Post
    I found them from a Chinese retail website, Tabao. Since advertising is not allowed i will not put a link here.
    I think it's ok to link to things you've bought or could recommend. Advertising would be if they were paying you or you were the maker. Am I wrong? *eep!*

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    I totally agree, shoes are a very important part of dressing correctly. You are so right about getting sissy/baby shoes in adult sizes, it is very difficult. I found this site and have had some made in my size and am very happy with them. They also do made to measure dresses, have a good look around the site. My sissy shoe collection. Click image for larger version. 

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    Clockwise starting with the red shoes. I wear these with a knee length red skirt and a very pretty white cotton blouse, usually with knee length white socks but sometimes ankle frill top socks. The pink with bows ones are for my more baby look with white or pink tights and very short dresses that show my nappies and frilly pants. The plain black are for when I am feeling more grown up with tights and adult knee length dresses. The black twin T bars go best with anything schoolgirl. Short pleated skirt or dress and white long or ankle socks. They are all uk 11 euro 45/46. Ranging in price from 28-40 approx.

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    Try My Lolita Dress although shipping from China is expensive.

    Their size chart usually goes to 11.5 inches and you usually get a choice of heel heights.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I went around ebay and did find some mary jane shoes but all of them were made for an adult. I really wish to retain the characteristics of the design for little girls and only to have it upscaled.
    The ballet slippers were easier to find. But I've seen some really nice ballet slippers, so femine and was obviously intended for little girls only, the decorated flowers, laces, cartoon characters.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    for example this one has a max size which measures about 24.5 cm inside, already larger than most other slippers for children. but are hard to find in larger sizes. i wonder if these can be easily hand made.

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    Hi, thanks for your detailed description. I'm very interested in the flat maryjane shoes u have. How do they fit you? are they too thin too wear for male adult?

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