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Thread: Forsite AM/PM Diapers

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    Default Forsite AM/PM Diapers

    Hey I just wanted to share that I just got a free package of a type diaper I have never heard of before "Forsite AM/PM Diapers". Someone posted them for free on Craigslist and said they didn't like them. I looked for more info on them but surprisingly enough didn't find much. They'er not even very accessible (from what I could tell) in the US so not sure how this person got them. They are very thick and say they hold 5100ml (172oz) of liquid. That seems like a lot at almost a gallon and a half and I was just wondering if anyone has tried them and if they really hold up to those standards. I will be trying them soon but am still a DL user so not sure when I will have the chance. Anyways, just wanted to share and see if anyone had any input.

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    They look expensive. Haven't done the math but $2.50 for one brief and they are available on amazon. I'll stick with Dry 24/7 for now.

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    I tried awhile ago. I loved them! Forsite AM/PM really do hold up to those standards, and I wasn't scared of leaking one bit. They were definitely thick, and fit me incredibly well. The one thing that I didn't like about them was the huge obnoxious logo on the landing panel, but I believe they removed it on their newer batch.

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    I just checked out their website, they look like a good premium diaper and with ABDLNerd vouching for them that, seems like a really good find! You're lucky!

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    I tried to get one from the company in Canada the diaper sample was free but shipping cost $20, I said I'll pass and they have since come out on amazon, so I tried them , they are pretty nice, but of course mine were 1st run and had that billboard logo on the front , a can of coke is more subdued then that logo.

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    my friend in canada told me about them, and how they are thick by his standards... and he'd wear safaris with stuffers.

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    I have been useing them as one of my daytime diapers for for a while and I have to say I am pleased how well they work, they are a thicker and wider diaper but no one has ever noticed them.

    the last 2 cases I bought no longer had the large logo on the front of the diaper will see what the next batch looks like next time I order.

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    They feel a lot like the bambino line of products but without the teddies or other ab themed prints. They are really wide in the middle, soft but stiff plastic backing, and are really thick. Not sure how much they actually hold, but they are in about the same range as dry 24/7 or other top absorbency brands.

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    I haven't tried them, but I saw a review. It's basically a clone of comficares. I'm curious about trying them someday, since comficares were amazing.

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    AgeComfort really needs to sell cases on their Amazon page. I liked their City Print diaper, but the pack pricing is just too high.

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