I recently visited Diaper Depot in Atlanta, GA and I have to say it was well worth the visit. In the past I've always ordered diapers from places like ABU or Bambino and had it delivered to avoid having to be seen doing so publicly. Therefore, I was a little stressed at first since the idea of buying from a store required me to step out of my comfort zone. After reading a few reviews about the store on ADISC, I worked up the courage to visit the store. Its a pretty small store at the end of an outdoor shopping center, but they offer ABU and Rearz products.

I anxiously walked into the store not fully knowing what to expect. Helen (who is the owner of the store) walked up to the counter and greeted me. She was every bit as polite and non-judgmental as I had heard on this forum. After talking with her for a bit, my initial worry subsided and I felt at ease. I ended up buying a pack of ABU little paws and Abena M4s (she bagged them up in black bags, so it was very discreet.)

After I was done shopping, she asked if I was interested in onesies. Apparently her store will be offering onesies soon and that she already has samples to look at. I was in a bit of a rush because I needed to be on time for another arrangement so unfortunately I had to decline.

Overall I had a great experience shopping there and will definitely be visiting again when my stash runs low. Maybe next time they'll have the onesies in stock