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Thread: Ahhh, I did a thing at WalMart...

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    Default Ahhh, I did a thing at WalMart...

    So, I maaaay have wandered past the baby section at walmart...

    Okay, so, maaaaybe I wandered THROUGH it.

    And bought some stuff.

    Like this new play mat and paci-plushy...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Also, now I gotta figure out how I wanna film trying out the gerber fruit flavors of baby food. Bib, non-optional.

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    hmm....IT certainly seems like more then wandering was done!

    tut tut!!

    jk, IT looks like your really happy with your play-mat. Last season, while camping, I was thinking how great it would be to take the play mats like the one you have here, and use it as a mat for the inside bottom of my tent

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    Aww. You look really happy with your new stuff! I was in Walmart the other day. I was with my mom so I didn't really get to look but I saw they had a bunch of different playmats! Character ones. I settled for a wonderball though ^_^

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    Im glad you are able to embrace this part of you as you do. The only thing that gets me close to the baby section is the frozen food isle, and dairy. All my wipes and powder purchases are made in the body care section of the store.


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    I want to get me some of those play mats so bad!

    I am glad you did get them and the other stuff as well.

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    We all have are things when we go shopping, as long as you got something fun out of it thats what matters.

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