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Thread: Carousel Diapers

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    Default Carousel Diapers

    I just got in mine and I am impressed. They're a bit of a hybrid between several different kinds of diapers, but appear to be based on the same design as ABU. The tape panel is softer and so is the shell, capacity is at least on par with space/simple, and the front art has more of a "diaper" look to it to me.

    The only issue I have is that the entire run seems to have a manufacturing error with one of the top tapes not being applied right and so it's only 1/2 as long as it should be. But it sticks really well to the front panel so I didn't have any problems with it initially OR after moving it. (tapes seem to stick better to front panels that aren't quite as hard)

    Padding performance is the same as abu, fast wicking, feels dry when wet, good capacity. Swells a little more maybe. Oh, they also cost a little less.

    I might do a mini review tonight.

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    I just got mine in today as well. Haven't had a chance to try them yet, but I was surprised to see mine have a wetness indicator on them. It's the standard yellow line, but looking at the pictures on ABDL Shop I don't see one. Scrolling down on the page I now see "Note: Some of our stock features a wetness indicator. This isn't a defect, it's just a test run while we figure out what people like!"

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    Who makes them? I tried Googling for them but just ended up getting a bunch of baby shower gift how-to ideas.

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    Bugger about the tapes but great if they are on par with ABU Premium diapers.

    Not a huge fan of wetness indicators myself, not a deal breaker but yellow stripes don't sound like they belong.

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    The design's pretty nice. It's a good combination of a print that looks like it could be on modern baby diapers without being too overdone.

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    I tried a sample pack. Both seemed awesome, absorbant, and tapes good. I like them.

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    Hmm. This is the first time I've ever heard of these Carousel diapers. I really like the way that they look. I'll have to try them sometime.

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    I've worn a number of them already, and the tape doesn't seem to be a problem. I have yet to pop even the "half tape" on the upper right.

    I contacted them about the tape and they said this was the first they'd heard of it, so maybe it's not a defect that covers the entire run. Either way though it seems to be a non-issue. Ignoring whats turning out to be a minor cosmetic issue at best, I seriously can't find ANYTHING to fault on these diapers. And the shell art I think works really well to give them a "vintage diaper" look like the lightweight design on the Rearz Vintage. Comparing Carousel to Vintage, the padding is better, it's very similar to what ABU uses in their simple/paws/space lineup, with a better dry-feel when wet than you get from Rearz, without sacrificing wicking. Five stars from me.

    Even if you prefer an all-white diaper, I think you should try these. It's also quite possibly the first time I've seen a new premium diaper released at a price below the price on existing premiums. It's about time we get to see some competition in this market start to drive down prices that so far have gone nowhere but North.

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    I got mine last week, and have been impressed with them as well. Capacity seems to be around that of the Rearz Spoiled, but quality feels like the ABU line. The simple design is a nice contrast to the other premiums which are beautiful. Sometimes you just want a simple, quiet design.

    I didn't have any tape issues. My only issue was that they don't have a discount for cases, but at their price, that isn't a big deal.

    Also, their pacifiers are fun!

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