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Thread: ever wear a diaper outside uncovered

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    Default ever wear a diaper outside uncovered

    In my teens we lived a rural area so at night I would put on a diaper and at night I would take my pants off when in out field and would hunt lighting bugs, running around in a field just in a shirt diaper and shoes, I would have wanted to go barefoot but at night I did not want to step on something sharp. it was very fun doing that, I would get the bugs and just hang out in the field having fun, never got caught.
    Now at night to use my vape pen I will sit on my porch in just a diaper and shirt and enjoy watching the stars, I find that the most comfortable feeling, kinda reenacting my early teen years. I just wish I could do it more often. at home I usually wear only a shirt, bare feet and a diaper just like when I as a child. Oddly I cant stand wearing a diaper at home with shoes or socks on, it just feels more realistic, and since I wear 24/7 I allays lose my socks, jst a very good feeling to dress that way, the socks are just intolerable, I hate tight fitting
    clothing, I think my autism plays a major role for that, I always try to keep it discreet but at night nothing is better then being barefoot and in a diaper and shirt an nothing else worn, I kind of call that Whelping out

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    No, I've never done it. If for no other reason than it's usually too cold! But also, I think diapers are underwear and I wouldn't go outside in just my undies, so I wouldn't do it with diapers either.

    Now, I have gone outside in nothing but a pair of fuzzy bugs bunny footie pajamas (with a diaper on underneath. I just needed to get my trash cans inside and had forgotten about it, so it was only for 30 seconds, but that still counts.

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    If its just on your own porch I don't see any problem with it. More power to you! But living in a city area this will have to stay a fantasy for me...

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    Of course. In fact, I socialize with people on a daily basis with nothing but a diaper and onesie on...

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    I've answered the door with my nappy and plastic pants quite visible under my loose dressing gown

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    Yes. I wore a diaper and pink PAMPERS t shirt out on my boat and sitting on my dock

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    I've sat on my back porch before in just a diaper and T-shirt, but never done something so bold as to go out in public without pants on. Which leads me to another thought I had...

    http:// ever participated in No Pants Subway Day with a diaper on? I figure if there was ever a day to do it and not get freaked out it would be this day since you could just say "Hey, just having fun".


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    This has come up several times lately.

    Yes, I often wear just my diaper when I go to the beach. Think about it, a diaper covers up more than a speedo. If that floss is allowed, then a diaper obviously is too. And the beach cops have agreed with me on that too.

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    I'll occasionally wear a diaper outside uncovered when nipping out to my back yard to put stuff in the bin, but that's about it.

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    I can't say I've ever done this. I've considered doing it, but I've never found the right circumstances to actually do it. Maybe some day...

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