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    I live with a roommate ( good friends ) and will soon be having a second roommate due to his financial hardships (bestfriend of 17 years). Heres my thoughts now...

    My bestfriend knows I like diapers and wearing and such, its come up awkwardly many times... I have a hard time even explaining to him why I like wearing but he is kind and just offers advice and such.

    The other roommate is another close friend, but not as close as my bestfriend. My bestfriend is like family (he's 25, I'm 24 and my other roomie is 29).
    I bought a large quantity (My first actual case of abena's) because I'm tired of the binge purge cycles. So I just said screw it I'm gunna buy lots this time.

    So I've been wearing as much as I can on days off and after work. Wearing isnt the problem... well not the whole problem at least.

    The issue is disposal. We don't have access to an outside garbage disposal due to our place being pretty much a dive apartment. But we also cannot prolonge garbage staying in the common areas (kitchen). I have diaper bags that i put soiled diapers into (just #1) and then toss em into garbage bags until a night or two later for curbside collection. Which is fine and works well with no nastyness or bacteria.

    However recently my bestfriend while cleaning up the spare room he will be moving into - offered to toss my trash from my room for me. I couldnt really say no so I let him... I'm still not sure if he knew what was in the garbage bags but anyway. I went to help him put some stuff into storage and when we went to pull a couch out of the back of his truck of course one of the bags ripped open and there in the yellow diaper pail bag sat one of my abenas. He didnt seem to notice or if he did he didnt acknowledge it. (I tossed it when he wasnt looking).

    But even that isnt the issue. I'm getting to the point where I dont care if I'm discovered for liking diapers. The issue isnt with whether my best friend knows or not because Ive told him before.

    The issue is with my current friendly roommate. Like Im close as a friend to him but nowhere near Family close. And I feel like even though he's chill he would think I'm a freak or something if he found out.

    Everytime I wear under my clothes around him I get a bit paranoid or if I go to bed in a diaper Im afraid when he wakes me up for work he'll see the diaper.

    I have my stash in an old gun locker. Unlocked - but to my knowledge he doesnt go in there... and if he has he hasnt said anything..

    Idk. I guess I'm just looking for helpful insights or any sort of advice.

    Sorry for the misguided ramble.


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    Ah, the downside of having roommate. I too have a roommate who I have been friends with for a long time. I am currently house hunting because I just can't deal with having a roommate anymore. That aside, I just make sure everything I have is put away in a drawer or closet so it's not out in the open in case he comes in or I have my door open. I actually keep my luggage in the closet and lock my diapers in them when I'm not using it. As for disposing of them, I actually have a small closed plastic container that I use as a diaper pail in addition to a regular trash can in my room. It's inconspicuous and not in plain sight. I just make sure that when I change out of a worn diaper I roll it up and tape it tight. I do the same thing by putting them in the trash and taking to the garbage can on trash night. Until you don't have roommates anymore, the situation is always going to be kind of a nuisance.

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    First, he knows. Second, he hasn't brought it up so obviously he doesn't care about your diapers. Stop worrying about it.

    Also, doesn't your apartment have a dumpster near by. If no, then don't you have an area outside where you put your trash cans? Either way, just take the trash bag with your diapers outside and put it there for later pickup.

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    I lived with a roomate for a while. I just let them know that I wore diapers and it didn't really go further from there. They don't really have the right to take it any further either so if you're not comofrtable with trying to explain why you need diapers just tell them something like "I need them and that's all you need to concern yourself with."

    Otherwise I would keep fairly discreet about things and being in private space if I wanted to be pantsless or what-not and if he forgot to knock or something then he'd be the one suffering the awkwardness of me in just a diaper. *shrug*

    Just be considerate and keep the trash cleaned up as reasonably as you can, and as long as you aren't going out of your way to flaunt the diaper you should be good. I mean my roommate forgot I wore diapers often to be fair.

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