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Thread: really bad exhaustion.

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    Default really bad exhaustion.

    Ok, I've got a feeling I'm not well, last couple weeks I've been exhausted as fudge I've been oversleeping, I feel like shit, I'm constantly tired and wanting to sleep all the time.

    I'm struggling to make it though the day, I just feel shit, every night I've been going to bed at like 6pm waking up at a couple times, than falling asleep until 8am, than waking up, going back to sleep and end up sleeping until 12.

    So practically I'm sleeping 19 hours, I'm so frickin exhausted, can barely handle a couple hours of being awake, I don't really know why.

    Obviously I wake up a couple times, go on adisc, etc, but yeah I feel absolute shit, I don't know what is going on with my body, but Its awful.

    I practically feel fatigue all the time and it's awful

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    Ever have mono or Epstein Barre virus, those will do it,
    There is also chronic fatigue syndrome ,what's your stress level like ?, or being anemic can do it either variety low iron or B12 deficiency , if you have any health benefits to cover treatment you might want to have them do a blood work up to rule out the common stuff . Of course I am not as doctor nor have I played one on TV , so nothing i say can or should get used as medical care, see a real doctor for that .

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    I think you should definitely see a doctor as soon as possible. It could be an illness that requires treatment such anemia, a thyroid problem, or, based on some of your previous posts, it could be associated with depression. In the interim, make an effort to eat healthy food and avoid the junk foods, get plenty of water and fluids, and cut back on caffeine and alcohol, if they have been factors. Also, try and get out for some moderate exercise once a day. It might just be a bug, but your best bet is to see a doctor as soon as possible.

    Dr. Starrunner.

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    Well, part of the problem might be going on the net when you should be sleeping. There is plenty of evidence that the light from a computer or phone will interrupt your natural sleep cycle (circadian rhythm). Do this often enough and your body will get used to waking up after only a couple hours or rest no matter how tired you might be.

    You might also not be going to bed at a decent time, every single night. Staying up late even once or twice every now and again (ie, the weekend) also interferes with your sleep cycle for the rest of the week. The same for when you get up in the morning. So, are you dedicating 8-10 hours for absolutely nothing but sleep in the dark every single night? And always going to bed and getting up the same times too? Naps during the day can be beneficial, but only when limited to 45 minutes or less. Any longer will further mess up you sleep rhythm at night.

    Even if you are following everything, there might be other factors you're not considering too. It really sounds like you might have sleep apnea. Are you overweight, and do you know if you snore loudly? If so, you might desperately need an oxygen mask. A sleep study would be in order for determining this.

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