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Thread: Best lower capacity diaper?

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    Default Best lower capacity diaper?

    Here's my situation. I don't have a lot of time to wear. I can wear at night, but don't go a lot over night. I feel like if I wear a higher capacity diaper, I'm wasting it. What is a lower capacity diaper that can hold 1 to 2 good wettings without leaking? Odd question, ik. Thanks in advacne.

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    what do you want out of the diaper?, as far as comfortable these days I'd say attends waistband.

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    Something that would rarely leak. I've had no luck with pull ons. Just looking for something reliable, that I don't feel like I'm wasting if I don't use it to capacity, if that makes any sense. Ik it's an odd request. And I'm terrible at explaining things.

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    For inexpensive and a decent diaper ATNS are really decent and plastic backed

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    Depends is a decent choice for 1-2 wettings, but the fit-flex waist band is not the most comfortable. I find Tena classic briefs comforting, it holds 1-2 wettings (it can leak because of no leak guards), they sell cases of 100 on eBay (price depends on size), and it cloth backed.

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    Yea I think I'm asking too much. I currently use atns, but they leak easily bc they don't wick well. They are very comfortable, though. Just looking to see if there is anything out there that doesn't leak easily with 1 wetting, possibly lying down...

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    I'll second attends with waistband. Good for 1 or 2 wettings, not overly expensive. And if you're into a good crinkly diaper, well there really isn't anything louder. If you're not, UMMM, there really isn't anything louder.

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    Now that Depends are back with a plastic backed Fitted Maximum Protection, I'd take them over Attends with Waistband (overly inclined toward clumping padding when wet). Get yourself some cheap stuffers or baby diapers to insert on those occasions when you need a little more capacity and you might be there.

    Tranquility ATNs are higher capacity and still pretty reasonably priced but they tend to clump quite a bit. If you need more than the bargain basement level, I'd suggest If you don't mind clothlike covers, maybe look at Abena level 2s (S2, M2, L2).

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    I really like the Wellness Superio, it's fairly thin and lower capacity, but it fits well and is comfortable. I'll wear those sometimes if I know I'll be needing to shower or something soon and don't want to waste a Rearz Inspire+ InControl.

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