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Thread: Just how rare are we? Maybe less than I thought.

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    Default Just how rare are we? Maybe less than I thought.

    We've all wondered. Are people like us one in a thousand? One in a million? 10 million? We'll never know for sure. But every once in a while, we get a clue.

    Imgur is one of my favorite sites, and I spend far too much time on it. One recent post is the Confession Bear meme that hints at an "odd and, to some people, gross" kink. The thing that really interested me was how many people jumped right to diapers. At least at the time I saw the comments, diapers were the prevailing guess.

    So, with no real information, if that many people jumped right to diapers, I'd say maybe we're not as rare as we thought. At the very least, I'd say we're less in the shadows than I thought.


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    I have always wondered how many of us there are. It often seems like there are a lot more than I think as there are so many AB/DL companies and websites. There are also so many different AB/DL communities with tons of active members. I also imagine like many of us that there are a lot of AB/DL's that don't realize there are others out there. I can remember for years I thought I was alone in the AB/DL world until I discovered there are thousands of active AB/DL's all over the world.

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    In the comments, the OP says yes it is diapers/ABDL

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    I wonder how many men are both bowel and bladder incont. but self manage like i do.

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    I have no idea.

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    I'm going to guess 1 in a thousand either are AB, DL, both or have the desires but are trying not to give in to it. I had at least two friends that I knew were into it when I was a teenager. Of course, the internet and several reality TV shows have spotlighted us, so many more people are aware of us than they would have been years ago.

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    I think it's rare-ish but not THAT rare. What really (re)ignited my interest in abdl was just happening across people talking about it while googling for something completely different. I had DL tendencies as a teenager - I used to swipe nappies off my nephew and young cousins and was fixated on maxi pads but I was taught that it was taboo and a weird (or worse a creepy) thing so my DL side went into remission for most of my 20's. Then the internet happened to reignite that interest in my late 20's/30's. If it were a super rare fetish, I think I'd have had to have intentionally seeked it out to find it.

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    I'll go with dogboy's one-in-a-thousand. It seems neither way too high nor way too low, anyway.

    Beyond this, I've wondered about the incidence of ABDL in specific populations. Some have proposed a correlation with LGBT. Fully half of the ABDLs I've met in person have been other engineers, or people I would otherwise call "nerds". A couple of those have proposed correlations with nerddom. I tend to look at these correlations a bit differently. For example: People who are ABDL might be, as a result, disposed to a more secretive or secluded existence because of their, e.g., diaper habits, and so might also be disposed to hobbies and career paths that cater more to the isolationist types (at least historically).

    And on the LGBT thing: It's pretty obvious that there are a lot of LGBT people on ADISC, at least among the active membership. I've always found that really interesting. I don't know if I believe there's a strong correlation between LGBT and ABDL, but it's easy to wonder whether those who've confronted (and perhaps overcome) the more well-known differences of sexuality might be less averse to coming out about other differences, whereas those who are "only" ABDL might be more apt to toil in secrecy forever. Hard to say, but it's a fascinating thing.

    And then there's the seeming enormous disparity between the numbers of male and female ABDLs. I think we can confidently declare at this point that ABDL is predominantly male, perhaps by as much as a 9:1 ratio. But why?

    Sorry. Drifting off topic...

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    Hard to say. It seems rare enough to be isolating, but not so rare that nobody has any idea that ABDLs exist. ABDL does tend to be brought up when the topic of weird and crazy fetishes comes up. Not to mention, ABDL definitely seems more well known now than it was 10 years ago. I'm not sure exactly what the stats would be. 1 in 1000 seems a little high, but not inconceivable.

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    I also think it's pretty rare, but I also don't think it's as rare as we may think it is. The reason I suggest this is simply because how well the diaper business has been doing and it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If I remember correctly there was some math done on this quite a bit ago, sadly I don't remember where I read about it. But they calculated that they are selling far more than the amount they would expect simply from the incontinence community. So exactly where are all these other sales from? Well, obviously we would have to factor in AB/DL, pranksters or experimenters, or even those who just happen to have gotten sick or have some other issue that causes them to need to wear protection.

    Then you have to consider how in the past few years AB/DL diaper businesses are booming. If I remember correctly, Rearz did not start off as a company making products for AB/DL, but when they did get into it, their sales where far greater than they ever had been. Then you also have to consider how some people find diapers in thrift stores. Not just plain store bought diapers, but ABU diapers sometimes too.

    I have a feeling there is a lot more of us than meets the eye, they just are not involved with the community socially.

    How much? Well, I think dogboys number seems reasonable ... but I don't know if we will ever have an actual accurate number on this. If we look at that one map with locations maybe we can calculate an estimate based on population. Essentially you first calculate how many people actually marked down their location and I assume there has to be a percentage of some kind with how likely people share this information. According to a study 71% of teens in 2012 share their location. I am going to assume adults percentage wouldn't be too signifcantly lower, so maybe a good percentage would be around the 60% mark. So if an area has 100 locations listed, we maybe able to add 40% to that to offset those who do not share their location. So 140. Then 13 percent of americans do not use the internet. So adding that in we are now up to about 149.

    Well .. I mean basically you get the idea. If you can use other already verified numbers on population factor in as much as you can, you might be able to come to a at least somewhat ballpark number.

    Edit: Could even use the diaper stats from comapnies as well to calculate and refine the number for better accuracy.

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