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    Hey All,

    Going back through the Diaper Talk forum I saw a thread a couple of months ago about the Tykables PLeathers when they first came out. Now that it's been a couple of months, does anyone here use them regularly? I used to use Abena M4s, Confidry 24/7's, ABU Simples, and found I like the PLeathers the best. They have the super fast wicking of the ABU's with a fit similar to the Confidrys. The other thing I really like about them is that they feel like diapers, protect incredibly well, but when wearing jeans or out and about they don't look like a diaper and could pass for black underwear. I also like the fact my other half is a lot more accepting of them versus the Confidrys which he's referred to as "Godzillas maxi pad"

    Your thoughts?

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    I use them and the print tykables at night really like them. I was over at Coal Crackers today. Were personal friends. He told me he ordered some and about the sale. Im going to grab more while there on sale.

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    What is the outside of the diaper like? Is it just regular plastic or is it actually pleather?

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    Its plastic and the black rubs off if your real active. Almost like its printed on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INCONTAL View Post
    Its plastic and the black rubs off if your real active. Almost like its printed on.
    It is indeed plastic and it may be printed on. I've never worn them outside at length but I've only once seem the black rub/transfer. The plastic is very soft and has less stiff/smooth texture than something like Confidrys. The stripe supposedly has a wetness indicator but it's not real obvious like on Abena M4's. Overall they have a very nice feel, probably the softest plastic diaper out there .

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    Another thing i like about them is i never had a leak during the night.

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