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    This isn't quite the same as those other "should I tell my friends" threads. I've been in diapers for around a year. My current BF got me into them, and I'm loving it. I have a couple other room mates, one of which knows about all my other kinks (I'm into quite a few things, including being a furry) and has even helped me make explicit videos. I would say overall, he's quite accepting of kinks.

    He came into the living room last night and said, "I was taking out the trash, and noticed that the outside trash can was quite heavy, which was strange, since the trash was just picked up. I looked inside, and noticed a lot of diapers thrown in there. (We have just taken out the diaper trash. They were all in slightly translucent white trash bags) Now I doubt you guys (referring to me and my BF) are into a diaper fetish, so maybe one of the neighbors is throwing their diapers in our trash. Though you might like to know."

    It seemed strange to me that he'd think that it would be one of the neighbors, given that he knows all the other things we're into, and not just think it's another one of our kinks. Maybe it was his way of asking if we're into them?

    I've known him a long time, and he's a good friend and room mate, so I'm hesitant to tell him about this particular kink if he takes it badly, since that would make our living situation awkward, and damage our friendship.

    Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlorca View Post
    This isn't quite the same as those other "should I tell my friends" threads.....Any suggestions?
    You are correct this is different to other threads about letting it all out. I am sorry to hear about your predicament. Trying to read between the lines a little, forgive me if I am off the mark. It seems you feel that someone you thought would always 'get you' or understand your life and needs has missed something you my have taken for granted. This could be very worrying or hurtful for you but does present an opportunity if you look at it another way.

    Perhaps instead of worrying about what it may mean for your future, you could take it as a chance to rekindle your relationship with your long term friend. To explain further finding out new things about someone we care about can reignite the very reasons we care about this person in the first place. It seems on the face of it that you may need to explain what is happening, it is just a kink, of what which you have many. Your friend has accepted your kinky side and hopefully it is not such a big leap just because they have the wrong end of the stick concerning why the diapers were in the trash.

    You will know your friend better than anyone and will be best placed to gauge how they will take the news. It may be that this is a step to far in their understanding and acceptance of your kinky side. If that is the case and you feel this would be impossible to resolve think about a better way to dispose of the diapers in future. Possibly taking it out yourself at a time you will not 'get caught'. Best of luck though, just have trust in yourself and think through all your options.

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    Tell him the truth. He's right, and you're not into a diaper fetish. However, it you and your boyfriend are into DL play.

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    My advise is: Best not to tell friends. There is a risk they will not be discreet about it. It will haunt you in the future, maybe.

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