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    Still wondering what the limit is for Size 5 and Size 6 diapers, the packaging always says "27 LBS+" and "35 LBS+", respectively. It's something that bugged me for years.

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    I remember friends that we're teenagers and bedwetters wearing size 6 Pampers before the size 7's came out. They would have been 14-15 years old and 60-70 lbs. This would have been around Y2K

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    The weight limit is based on total body weight. At recommended hydration levels, a certain body weight will produce a certain amount of pee. The baby diapers are made to adequately contain that amount of pee in most any situation.

    A baby diaper rated for 35 lbs is not capable of adequately holding the pee of someone who is 70 lbs- regardless of physical fit.

    This is why baby diapers do not work for adults. Now I get having adult diaper sizes based on physical waist size is backwards, but society as a whole seems to have fallen for the old "well we can just change more often bs". This is what should really bother you.

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