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    Haven't seen this in awhile. If you are or were actually a bedwetter how did you and your parents handle it?
    I had one older and ne'er brothers that had no wetting issues at all. While my parents seemed supportive there was no question that I wear thick pin on diapers with plastic pants to bed at night. At the time I hated them because of course behind my parents backs I would get regular jabs from especially my older brother about wearing my baby diapers. My mom wasn't discreet about it at all as she would do the laundry and stack our stuff in separate piles on the steps and there was my pile with diapers etc. stacked. When we went to my cousins house there I was in my puffy pants under my pajamas before bedtime as everyone knew I was a bedwetter. I was always told if I could go one week without waking up in a wet diaper I could stop wearing them. I might have called this a pipe dream since I wet every night, often more than once. Anyway once I showed and convinced my mom I could diaper myself, at age 10 or 11, I thought myself clever enough to wake up in the morning and change into a dry diaper to show I had stayed dry. Of course there was the problem of the wet diaper which I tried to hide in my closet. Of course the smell gave that away after a couple of days so my punishment was twofold, I had to once again lay down spread eagle while my mother pinned on my diaper (bedroom door open for any of my brothers to witness) and I wasn't allowed to take off my diaper in the morning until it was checked by one of my parents. Weekdays this was fine but on weekends they would often sleep in so I would have to parade around the house in wet diapers under my pajamas. Again a great visual for my brothers. Once I entered high school I was allowed to start flooding my sheets (plastic covered mattress of course) and now had to deal with huge daily/morning messes. Not having enough time every morning to deal with it I often just folded down the bedding and let my soaked sheets dry out during the day. After a few days of this the smell got bad enough that I would change and wash my sheets. This hassle continued most of my high school years. At age 17 or 18, I was very tired of this and put myself back in diapers. I suppose the best part of this was I now welcomed and felt so much better going to sleep every night knowing I would sleep and wake up in a dry bed.

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    I grew up a chronic every night bedwetter and was in nappies at night until I was 8 or 9 and then after that just had to cope with wet sheets. I didn't stop wetting at night until my early 20's. I went back to nappies at night when I was about 15 and wore them every night until I was finally reliably dry at night around\ 21 or 22. My folks were exasperated by my constant bedwetting and it wasn't until I was well in to my teens that they finally accepted I wet the bed and probably always would. After that as long as I dealt with my wet bed nothing much was said. I was lazy and din't bother changing the bed very often. My Mother would tell me to change my bed when the smell got bad enough to notice.

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    I grew up as a bed wetter. I had wet most of my life and didn't finally "grow out of it" until my mid to late teens. Throughout this time, I had always taken care of my nighttime accidents and used a plastic sheet for protection. It was never forced on me, nor did my parents ever use this as "punishment", rather it was just a responsibility of mine. I probably started stripping sheets, washing clothing and bed linen, and making my bed around the first grade.

    I looked upon this quite differently at different times in my life. When I was really young, it didn't even phase me. I had no idea that something was "different" with me until I reached about six or seven. Around this time I knew I was "different", however it really didn't affect me and I didn't take much notice of it until about age ten.

    At this point in life I really became distressed with bed wetting and I knew that something was "wrong" with me. This change in attitude probably came about because of scouts, camping trips, sleep overs, all normal activities that I was now a bit afraid to take part in that a normal hyper-active outgoing 10 year old boy would. It didn't stop me, though it made things a bit more difficult and pretty stressful at times. Strangely enough, I can’t recall ever having an accident at or during a sleepover but I can recall two at two different camps (one summer camp, and one school trip).

    Around 13 or 14 the stress had pretty much vanished, and I was now just dealing with a "condition". I had been really lucky that NO ONE had ever found out or caught me, and they never would (I did share with a couple of really close friends though).

    At about fourteen/fifteen my mom (probably out of frustration and prompted by a coupon for Attends) asked me if I would like to try diapers to make things easier around the house. I was absolutely dumbstruck and froze. The thought had never crossed my mind and I hadn't even realized that diapers that big existed. I seriously thought that I was the only one in the world with this problem. I had absolutely no idea how to respond, so I didn't.

    It took me all day to wrap my mind around the proposal, and around bedtime that night I had decided that anything was better than the chance of waking up early as hell cold and wet, changing sheets in the middle of the night, or changing clothes and sleeping on the floor with a blanket until morning.

    About two weeks later I had finally worked up the courage to answer her. As it happened we were in the supermarket and passing what I now knew were incontinence supplies. I pointed at them and told her that it might be worth giving it a shot. She said no and that I would outgrow it.

    I finally out grew bed wetting that year.

    I never looked back until one day, a few months later, I caught one of the very first, and very rare, advertisements for 'Goodnites' on T.V. (late 90’s). It was the first time I had ever considered the possibility of others having the same issue.

    Out of curiosity I logged on to the website (definitely took long enough back then) and discovered that "I was not alone". It really piqued my curiosity, and I ordered the free sample.

    I managed to intercept them in the mail and hid them away to bring out later that night. The sample package was two Goodnites and looked just like a small pack from the store! It was purple and said Goodnites on it. At the time I felt like I was just investigating what had been another option to deal with what had been a pretty big and long lasting problem. I was curious as to what it would have been like if this was the course of action taken instead.

    Later that night I pulled them out and looked them over for quite awhile. I must have looked like an archiologist studying a new find! I finally put them on and instantly fell in love with the feel, smell, and comfort that they gave me.

    As part of the investigation, I used it as well. I was hooked instantly! They worked! They felt so good, secure, and WARM! Any bed wetter that never had protection beyond a plastic sheet knows that warm is not a sensation that is felt often.

    Since then, those sensations have stuck with me and continue to grow. The only problem is now, I don't fit Goodnites as intended. I am still attracted to Goodnites simply because it's the option I never had, but almost. I wish I were shorter and smaller like I was then so that I could try them out properly, or there was a longer size especially as my night time accidents have returned over the past few years.

    I was rather devastated when my night-time issues started to return later in my 20's. However, I had the knowledge and experience to deal with it. The situation was made much worse as I was Active Duty and incontinence of any sort is grounds for dismissal. I dealt with it over the next few years, keeping things under wraps. My issues have begun to spread to daytime as well as nighttime. It's no big deal anymore. Just something to take care of.

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    I wet the bed up till about 10 or 11. Not sure. I had 0 help with it. Wet bed laying in a pool every morning. And I got the "were going to have to get it cut off" threats when I was younger too. Only ever got to wear pullups on vacations. I'll hate them forever for not letting me wear diapers. Even the plastic pants that they had me wear when I was 4-5 would have helped, but no that stopped early on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llayden View Post
    The situation was made much worse as I was Active Duty and incontinence of any sort is grounds for dismissal.
    Just curious: what is the reasoning behind this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerry View Post
    Just curious: what is the reasoning behind this?
    Good question. I will hazard the guess that it has mainly to do with health and wellness standards. Cleanliness is a massive part of the military in every aspect. Most of that comes from the realization that poor/dirty/unsanitary shared living conditions create disease and weakness. I am sure the last thing that any unit wants is someone that soils themselves when they sleep. That would make many operations...different.

    I might also hazard the guess that from a military psychologists point of view, things like enuresis, encopresis, and daytime urinary/fecal incontinence might point to underlying psychological issues.

    I guess it simply the fact that it's uncontrollable, mostly untreatable, and creates a burden as far as health and wellness is concerned. Now, that isn't to say that I haven't seen my fare share of service members that have soiled themselves in one way or another. In fact, depending on the situation it's unavoidable. I remember talking to a sister unit in basic (a basic training detachment consisting solely of females) while on laundry detail. The lady I was talking to was telling me how dirty females could be, and that several had wet the bed over the course of basic training.

    I don't recall any of the guys in my barracks doing that, but I have heard of it happening many many times. It's also happened when someone returning from an exceptionally long and active detail/action will pass out and wet their rack simply because of how exhausted they were. I've had some of my own guys poop themselves on occasion due to a mixture of strange timezones/food, being a bit under the weather, and exhausted.

    There are times when it is unavoidable. Such as being in a Chemical Nuclear Biological environment. You have to wear your MOPP gear (military hazmat stuff to protect you from all that junk) and it can't be removed except through specific processing points, and it takes a long time to go through decon. If you are in that environment, the threat is real or has been realized, there is no way that you are going to remove any gear, or undo your pants to take a leak or poop. In those cases, you hold out and hope for the best. Sometimes it doesn't happen.

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    Wasnt a bedwetter perse, but I did have severe oab at night so I got up at all hours going back and forth to the bathroom, since the floors creaked it woke and pissed off my dad, he threatened at one point to put me in diapers though it never came to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llayden View Post
    The situation was made much worse as I was Active Duty and incontinence of any sort is grounds for dismissal.

    Quote Originally Posted by kerry View Post
    Just curious: what is the reasoning behind this?
    Just a quick note, incontinence "of any sort" is actually NOT grounds for dismissal from the military. A quick Google search turned up a prior ADISC topic: Pay special attention to a reply by "Binkey".

    Apparently, a history of incontinence can and does prevent one from enlisting, but incontinence that onsets while on active duty is treated differently. It "may" be grounds for dismissal, but that is absolutely not automatic. Just in the interest of accuracy. Also, I couldn't find a regulation/directive or any "official guidance" as to WHY the policy exists, so all anyone can give you is their best guess, unless they can quote an oficial source that I haven't found yet...

    From "Binkey":

    The regs differ slightly by branch, but they are nearly identical, and absolutely universal as to incontinence. NO branch will take an active bedwetter and the cut-off age for bedwetting is 13 YO. It IS possible to get a waiver, but that takes time as it has to go through higher HQ for approval. Any active incontinence is also permanently disqualifying (during the INITIAL enlistment process).

    However, incontinence which DOES NOT significantly affect performance of normal duties is considered acceptable during either routine physicals or re-enlistment physicals. The key difference between the situations is acquisition of incontinence DURING military service vs a pre-existing condition.

    I developed my incontinence during my Army time, and when I was medically retired it was considered a disability to determine if I'd get an administrative or medical discharge. Fortunately (???) there were sufficient problems to be retired, with a pension.

    Interestingly, I wore diapers episodically under my uniforms many times during the last couple years, without any hassles from anyone. The fact that I've been an ABy since I was 6 or 7 YO made things quite a bit easier to deal with incontinence when it developed.

    I hope this helps answer the question. By best to all!

    So yeah, incontinence will stop you from enlisting, but it will NOT necessarily stop you from RE-enlisting, if that makes any sense...

    Google also showed several published studies about incontinence in the military. Most were about incontinence in female members after pregnancy, but not all, and none of them mention discharge or dismissal from service as a primary response.
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    I was an accidental bed wetter/ pants wetter as a child until maybe 10 or 12, nothing was said about it that i can remember and no special bedding provided, old cotton tic mattress had many many stains and must of smelled pretty much as you would expect. after 12 or so I at some point switched over to wetting on purpose now at 63 I still wet both bed or pants, sometimes accidentally sometimes just for the pleasure i derive from the act..

    A few years ago I was visiting a nephew and was invited into the teens bedroom and it was very obvious that there was at least one bed wetter in the house as the room had the glorious smell of old peed in bedding.

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    Used to pee my bed regularly into my teens - nappies until 8 years old then wet sheets and pj's - dried up, but started again later in life. The odd accident to start with, then more and more regular, ended up back in nappies again

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