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Thread: Someone...ANYONE!!!

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    Question Someone...ANYONE!!!

    Im just wondering like, how many of y'all are veteran ABDLs. Like, I've been into diapers and imagining things that were "way out of their appropriate context in reality" since way before puberty (lol). But I haven't even discussed it with another person, let alone wear one around them. I just think that i'm going to accept it one day but not today, and that scares me. Like, I don't wanna announce it to everybody, but hiding it is eating me alive. I just don't wanna mess up any of my relationships or come off as "mentally ill". So I ask you, how did you come to terms with your "little desires" and how/when did your family/friends find out...

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    I tell those i care about but the "mentally ill" thing, for me, was unavoidable because infantilism IS the mental illness!....for ME-i can't speak for other ab/dl's though.
    I accept myself and pee my pants regularly and i'm not allowed to change my diapers

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    Heya Mabel,
    I know how you feel, personally I was into Diapers since around the age of seven. The security and comfort made me like them quite a lot and thus I always stole my sisters and got caught by my parents. I then tried hiding it more and they thought that I had grown out of a phase.
    Personally, I wouldn't tell anyone about my little secret but, of course that varies from person to person, If it really is eating you up alive feel free, but make sure that before you do you should measure up the pros and cons to telling people.
    Wish you luck.
    - Derpface

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    Welcome Mabel, part of why we're here is to be sum folks you can talk to about this stuff! We're here to listen and you can be safely open with us!

    There's a bunch of threads too that you can find about telling people, pros, cons, hows tos, whys, etc. Different folks have come to different conclusions on to whom and how much they want to share.

    You should think about what you're looking for both in terms of people's reactions relationship to you, and what you want to be able to do around them. If you can share some of your thoughts and ideas on that, then folks might be able to offer some more specific advice based on their experiences as well!

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    It can be sort of a chicken or egg kind of deal. You need to accept yourself before you can present it well to someone else, but having someone to talk with who is supportive is really helpful in learning to accept yourself. I got myself to a place of self-acceptance where I realized it didn't make me a bad person to want it or to act on it and it probably wasn't going to go away.

    I will tell you that's a long way from where I am now, where I see as largely as a positive influence in my life and something that brings me much happiness. I don't know that I could have gotten to where I am now without the influence of the people in communities like this. Making real friends, both online and in the real world made it more than some shameful secret that I had to hide.

    If I were to really dig in old posts here or maybe on the site we had before (all archives unfortunately lost), I know that there are posts I made that were very skeptical that I'd ever want to share the ABDL experience with anyone else. It wasn't that I felt afraid of doing so but the idea didn't appeal to me. That's no longer the case. I'm now doubtful that I'd consider a relationship successful that didn't allow me to engage at least minimally in ABDL stuff for myself and with my partner.

    I still like to keep it private from those who aren't involved with me or with it already but I'm much more open to that conversation if it needs to happen than I ever was before. The best advice I can give is to cultivate relationships within the community to develop a sense of "normalcy" around being an ABDL. Finding a good place for it in your own life should make you much better able to share it productively and in a way that makes sense.
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    Well, I guess you could say I've been a DL for about 20 years now... Things like commercials for Pull-Ups and certain episodes of cartoons took on a ''special'' (*cough cough* sexual) interest for me when I was about four years old. It never really bothered me too much when I was younger, I guess. I mean, when I was about 11 I knew the fact that I was doing stuff like peeing on toilet paper inside my underwear was weird, but I didn't worry about it too much. Then in my teens I learned about fetishes and finally understood what I was doing and that it was fairly normal in the grand scope of human sexuality. So... my DL side hasn't given me too much grief. My AB side, well that's a bit of a different story. It's not so much the accepting part that troubles me, more like I still need to learn how to properly integrate into adult life, which is hard when you feel like you're a child in an adult's body.

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    Y'all are all so wonderful...
    I was not expecting this much feedback from my 2nd post and think this forum thing is gonna be awesome. I guess the core of my "dilemma" here is rooted in my desire to see ABDL more normalized in society. I saw a daily mail post on FB about a ABDL couple from YouTube and the comments on that post were... unpleasant, to say the least.

    With that said, I'm very glad y'all gave me serious answers. I think we're gonna get along great!

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    I think, if I remember correctly, there's a thread in the Articles section written by H3g3l, a past member, on when and why to tell. He and I were close when he was an active member, and we both used to contribute a lot on this subject, especially when we had members as young as 13.

    One thing we both agreed on was that you ought to know why you feel you have to tell someone. There should be a reason for telling. I've had these desires since I was 4 years old, and I started acting on them by the age of 6. By the time I was 12 or 13, it was full tilt. I got caught by my mom when I was in college and she sent me to see a psychiatrist at a residential mental facility, so sometimes there are consequences.

    The only two people who know are my wife and my best friend from college. He and I were lovers throughout college and we've stayed close all through our lives. I'm 69 years old now, so I see no reason for others to know my personal history, but I'm also of that generation. I might feel differently if I was 20, because the exchange of information via the internet has changed how society and people understand one another, at least to some degree. Still, what we do is well outside of the norms of society, so again I would suggest that there be a reason for telling. Does telling someone in RL function as a psychological catharsis? Is there a risk of not being accepted or will that person understand? These are questions that only you can answer for yourself.

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    The first step is to relize you like diapers, nothing will change that. Secondly no one will ever notice you have a diaper on, even when wearing thick ones as long as you were baggy clothing and a long undershit or onsie. I have worn everywhere, including in front of friends and family, school, work, and no one has noticed a thing. When it comes to talking about ABLD stuff to IRL people I would advise against it and leave it to only forums. There is no need to risk your personal life and friendships over a kink you have. Remember, your not doing drugs, your not doing anything illegal, your only bringing pleasure to yourself in one of the safest ways possible. This may sound harsh , but honestly fuck what others think, diapers make you happy that should be enough in itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MabelPines View Post
    Y'all are all so wonderful...
    I was not expecting this much feedback from my 2nd post and think this forum thing is gonna be awesome. I guess the core of my "dilemma" here is rooted in my desire to see ABDL more normalized in society. I saw a daily mail post on FB about a ABDL couple from YouTube and the comments on that post were... unpleasant, to say the least.

    With that said, I'm very glad y'all gave me serious answers. I think we're gonna get along great!
    Best not to hold your breath waiting for us to be accepted by the public at large. I think that despite YouTube comments or the like, we're at a better place than we've ever been but general acceptance just isn't in the cards for the foreseeable future.

    What I think we can hope for is that more and more people are willing to consider this from someone they're partnered with. Get your head right and your story straight so you can pitch this as something fun you get to do with your future SOs, rather than some burden you must bear.

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