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Thread: Adjusting to my new lifestyle.

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    Default Adjusting to my new lifestyle.

    Hello guys and girls and everything in between.

    Im a 25 year old who has been struggling for a long time to figure this stuff out.

    My curiosity sparked when I was 8 and has grown since. Throughout the years I have become more and more interested in this lifestyle. But with the several times of being caught I struggle with it. I don't know why but I am very hard on myself when others criticize me. Especially this. Ive tried many times to push the urge away and it seems to come back stronger.

    So Ive given up on giving this up, but don't know what speed to take it at.

    Im on the autism spectrum for sure but not diagnosed with anything other than ADD, and anxiety. I'm a very shy person at first but love to talk to people once I get to know them. I am also very antisocial which doesn't help my case at all.

    These are the facts. -Being a little calms me down and the few chances I wear I actually have less night terrors. Ive just ordered my first Binky, but haven't a clue what to do next.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. And I look forward to what this site can help me with, as well as helping others further down the road.

    Feel free to PM me if you wanna chat as my social life is nonexistent.

    And thank you in advance for the advice and help.


    P.S Max isn't my real name, but my little name.

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    Hello and welcome to the site. You've written an excellent introduction. I think that by reading the many threads on this site, you'll have a good idea as to how you may want to further express yourself either as DL, AB or both. I'm both and I've been like this for most of my life. By the age of four I knew I wanted to be back in diapers. Most of us have come to the conclusion that the desire doesn't go away as it seems to be hard wired into our subconscious, so we learn how to accept it and ourselves.

    For most of us, having and wearing diapers seems to be the first and most dominant factor in being AB and/or DL. Other things can follow such as pacifiers, bottles, onsies and other baby or toddler like clothes. I'm in my Cookie Monster footed jammies as I'm typing this, so that's one aspect in being AB/DL.

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    Hey me and you sound so very similar. Pm me if you ever want to chat. Welcome to the crazy world !! G x

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    Probably better off not treating being an ABDL as some type of alternative lifestyle. From the many I have seen do has brought them mostly nothing but misery.

    Welcome to ADISC...

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    Dang I'm 22 and i can relate to that like a MF! Except I've never been confronted about it..... but I'm sure that a few of the people I know at least have a suspicion if they don't and I'm new too so HI lets go question for question HMU...

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    Hello Max, Well with me probably being one of the elder ABDL'S I can say that I have tried many times to get away from these desires. However as you said it keeps coming back. I gave up many years ago and came to embrace my little side. The speed at which you get more involved is really something only you can know. You can take it one step at a time or just jump in with both feet. However keep in mind that AB items such as clothes and diapers are not cheap so do not break yourself. Also don't be ashamed or nervous about buying baby items such as bottles and pacifiers or things like lotion and powder at the local stores like Walmart. Best of luck to you.

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