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    Just trying to get opinions/views from others. Do you believe that life goes on after death or do we as life-force just dissappear into nothingness? Further more ' What do you think it would be like to be "born again" but you remember your Family & Friends from your previous life.?

    Discuss 😆

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    I think people cab believe whatever they want, but in the end nobody really knows anything, they may think they know, but that's just blind faith, honestly when you think about the existence of our conciseness it's mind boggling,

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    Nope I don't, I'm a atheist.

    Reason being there is no evidence, and near death experiences / NDE are proven to be nothing but hallucinations caused by lack of oxygen etc.

    That being said, we don't really know, but without evidence I don't believe in things. If people claim unicorns exist, I want to see that unicorn, here and now with my own eyes, dreams or hallucinations don't count.

    Eh, hope that sums up my views xD, I generally don't mind what people believe I just can't believe things without hard core evidence, that isn't hallucinations or dreams.

    When people hallucinate and see Jesus, people assume Jesus came to them and straighten there faith, with me I see i'm hallucinating and i'm like lay off the drugs xD I mostly see spiders and stuff, other people see JESUS but that's because of the brain playing tricks on you.

    If you think something exists when it doesn't when you hallucinate or dream that often shows itself in the dream and straightens whatever faith your with.

    I've personally have had those so called out of body experiences etc, but for some reason my brain is well aware that it's hallucinating while a lot of people can't notice the difference.

    The human brain plays tricks on people, what you experience isn't always reality, and your mind does play tricks xD.

    If you are deprived of oxygen, obviously your brain is gonna flip out, there are tons of things that can trigger hallucinations, lack of sleep, etc.

    You even have full on mental disorders, where people can't tell fiction from fact, and do and say all kinds of crazy things, religiosity is rooted in the wiring of the brain.

    That being said, only people who know are those who have died, I'm yet to see my dog and aunt come back and say oi, mate wanna have a beer, let me tell you a story about death. lol.
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    I agree with Binary. I really don't see any reason to believe in any sort of afterlife. No actual proof and not nearly enough evidence to even consider it as a maybe. Obviously, I cannot say with any sort of definitive answer on exactly what occurs, but I am going to make an educated guess that it's the same as before birth. Your conciousness doesn't exist as what runs that conciousness (the brain) is dead.

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    I would venture that there is enough evidence out there to suggest that life does go on. It's easy to say that there is no evidence, but that doesn't explain that which is difficult to explain. Did you know that The University of Virginia (UVA) has an entire department that does nothing but investigate cases of reincarnation? There is a boy living in California that at a very early age, was able to remember 45 verifiable facts about a man who had lived during the golden age of Hollywood. He was a talent agent and was involved in making some short movies. This boy even remembered his address and many things a child of 5 or 6 would have no knowledge of. UVA is working with him and his mom.

    Our newspaper here in Lynchburg has published pictures of ghosts and there are other documented, hard to explain occurrences. I grew up in a haunted house and have written about it many times on this site. A friend and I brought a full figured ghost into my bedroom using a Ouija board.

    What happens on this site is that every time I write about that, I'm usually told I'm a liar, and really, I don't care. My friend and I still talk about what we saw very clearly.

    I think the bigger question is, do we go on with our memories and our lifestyle intact? To that there is little evidence unless you believe the psychics. But I would suggest that we are made of energy as well as matter, and we know that neither can be destroyed, but they can be changed. Does that energy have a conscious being and awareness? Eventually through death, we'll know, and then we can either argue it in the next plain, or enjoy the peace of nothingness. But my feeling is this. We all were born into this life, so why not be born into the next life?

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    It's a nice idea, at least some of the time. Unfortunately, the evidence I've seen for anything going on after death isn't compelling to me. Obviously, I can't say for certain. In the absence of that compelling evidence, I'm left to conclude that what we see is what we get and this is all there is. I guess we'll all see at some point, or not.

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    I'm an agnostic, but remain somewhat spiritual. I don't have any completely solid beliefs on the topic of an afterlife, but I believe the existence of ghosts is a possibility (I've seen some things), and sometimes toy with the notion of reincarnation.

    And if you can be born again, I want to come back as a boy, or a male dog. I just want to piss on everything.

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    Here's the thing, people claim all sorts of things, even alien abductions are there, but usually eye witness testimony is the most unreliable form of evidence.

    Also when it comes to research a lot of them don't have anything solid to show. Let us say we found a person who knows details which the possible could not know. Then we must investigate how he/she knows it. If we don't know why we can only make assumptions one of which includes the possibility that this boy/girl has gotten this information in a reasonably explainable way.

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    From a Buddhist perspective, phenomenality is eternal, and the experience of life, death, and rebirth is essentially illusory. "There is no coming or going." It's rather hard to explain. Importantly, though, the philosophy is not based on evidence nor on faith, but more specifically on a rather complete rejection of both.

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