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Thread: Huggies OverNites Print Change

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    Default Huggies OverNites Print Change

    I was doing some browsing online and found that Huggies seems to be updating their design on the OverNites from Winnie the Pooh to Mickey Mouse.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've always kind of wanted to try these, but seeing the local Walmart only carries them in big boxes, I haven't been able to. I'd much rather have the old Winnie the Pooh designs though, they're cuter.

    I wish Huggies would mix up their diaper designs a bit; I know Mickey is Disney's mascot but variety is the spice of life. They could put characters from a few different movies on them, Dumbo, Bambi, 101 Dalmatians, etc. (If they kept The Lion Guard on Pull-Ups for a while though that would make me happy too.)

    I'd also like it if Luvs went back to a licensed print instead of the generic monkey, or even just did something like a few different animals.

    I know my opinion probably doesn't count for much, seeing I'm far outside the target market, but anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wackoreese View Post
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    Fixed it.

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    Thank you. I wonder if they've also changed the way they make the diaper.

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    Aww. I always liked the Winnie ones when I was around baby diapers. I don't remember when this was, but there was a tigger diaper not the newer ones with green on them but I liked that. There was also one with mickie and Pluto that were SUPER cute. And then they updated them and I wasn't as much of a fan.

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    Ive had the new mickey design ones for a while now. I guess I liked Winnnie the pooh better as it seemed more vibrant. The mickey graphics are a subdued blue tones. I do love Mickey though.

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    Uh oh! I better go out and buy some Winnie ones before they're gone! Thanks for the heads up.

    Personally I far prefer Winnie the Pooh over Mickey Mouse.

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