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    A little about myself. I live in Ontario, Canada and am slowly accepting this quirk of mine. I am 24 and am a graveyard shift worker. I work almost 24/7. Thus I have a very little existance outside of the work-place. Hopefully one day things will be different - but for now... this is my life.

    I've struggled with my liking of diapers for a very long time. When I was younger (teen years) my mother found out about my particular interest and thought I was a perv or something - so I've never spoken to my family about this interest.

    The only two people in my life I have told are my Best Friend who's 25 (Mind as well be Family to me) and my Boyfriend of 1 year now. I told him early out of fear it would ruin my relationship... but surprisingly he accepts me for being me.

    I'm not really fully ABDL I don't think at least. I just really find diapers a good way to relax, gain peace of mind and release anxiety. Plus they give a sense of security. I also think I look cute when I look in the mirror wearing one. (A little wierd lol).

    I recently went through a binge-purge cycle but broke out of it and invested myself in accepting myself fully. Thus I bought a fair amount to keep myself stocked when the need arises to wear ' but not such a small amount that I'd be able to throw them away easily. Aka - 3 cases.

    I've tried many types of brands from Depends, Tena, Goodnights, Abena, Molicare to swim diapers. My favourite personal diaper is the Abena S4's and the Abena M4's.

    The S4 are a bit lowriding to me, but fit the best, where as the M4's feel a bit too big but are still comfortable.

    While I work a ton, lately I've been trying to wear diapers a little more on my days off to get comfortable wearing them without being too self conscious.

    With that said in closing to my ranty introduction lol, I'm trying to wear a little more (under clothes and such) when I go out on the town or to bed or video game its just I feel at times I'm being anti-social because I'm sketched out when wearing around my friends that they'll instantly notice I'm wearing a diaper somehow, and I'd quite possibly avoid my family at all costs whike diapered for fear of my "interest" getting out.

    Any advice on my last bit there?.

    Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to read my Introduction.



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    I don't think you need to be anxious about whether you're "full ABDL" or what... while labels can be helpful we're all pretty complex. I think some folks consider themselves only a little ABDL but are incontinent and wear a lot, while others see their ABDL-ness as pretty central to themselves (me, though far more AB/Sissy than DL) even though they wear infrequently.

    As for your comfort level wearing at different times... I think that's up to you. Lots of us have lots of different strategies and solutions in our lives ... look around and see what seems appealing. Keep in mind what ever you do is not a lifelong choice, it'll likely change (pun intended!).

    What kinds of video games do you like to play? I just recently got a Switch so I think I'm going to be only playing Zelda for months!!!

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    Video Games: I recently bought a PS4 so extremely into Battlefield 1 and For Honor. I also used to play World of Warcraft on my laptop so I'm trying to find more MMORPG styled games but haven't had much luck with that.

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    Yeah PS4 is great! I played a lot of Destiny, so I'm kinda looking forward to the next expansion for that. It scratches my MMORPG itch. 'Course it's a terrible time to start, you should wait for Destiny 2. What about Final Fantasy XV?

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    I tried Destiny no complaints to it really... other then to me most of the gear looks similar lol. FFXV is also a great game . I'm not sure what to try at this point, something with elements of the Elder Scrolls online with like lots of dungeons and character development I think. But thats like a needle in a haystack. I do love my Battlefield though aha.

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