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    How did it start for you and what did you do for diapers in the beginning of your abdl days.

    For me, I wet myself until the age of five but when I didn't need diapers anymore, I wanted them. I had access to diapers while supplies lasted but then I had to get crafty. I started with toilet paper diapers made by layering toilet paper and wrapping it around myself with underwear to hold it up. I still remember the first time I went to the store to buy a pair of goodnites. I had done my homework, I knew where to go. I went directly to the baby diaper isle, grabbed the goodnites, walked to the register fully convinced that everyone knew exactly who they were for, bought them, and speed walked out to my car. the sweet safety of my car almost felt better than when I got home and slipped that diaper on for the first time in years. I had found my inner child again I we have been happily united ever since.

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    It was a very, very interesting start for me. What first started out as a simple curiosity as to what "having an accident" was like turned out to be a hobby of mine. I'd always either wet or mess in my briefs of all things - most of the time without inserting toilet paper in them. I also remember on a few occasions where I actually used my nephew's diapers that he was graduating from and inserted them in my briefs as stuffers.

    Last year, though, was the year I finally built up the courage to go out and buy real, legitimate diapers, and I've been the happiest dude ever since.

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    I started at age seven-ish, I stole my sisters diapers while she was still a bubby. I got caught because I thought 'My parents wont find them if I throw them out the window onto the front lawn.'
    I stopped doing it so much, but I started to do the ol' toilet paper in the underwear thing around eight or nine.
    I still live with my parents, so I cant really go out and buy some without getting caught (They don't really respect privacy) so I still have to make do with wetting myself and toilet roll ;-;

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