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    What are the different ways everyone has modified baby diapers to fit?

    I have a 28 inch waist so I wear multiple extra large goodnites with a inch cut on the bottom of the tab wear it connects to the front of the diaper. It's rough being small and yet too big in other ways if you know what I mean.

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    They don't fit, eveb with modifying them, they still don't have the needed capacity for an adult bladder.

    However, they do make good and cheap stuffers for adult diapers. I usually tear off the tabs too, so the harder plastic doesn't get in the way.

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    My go-to padding is Pull-Ups training pants, which I wear by using diaper and safety pins to attach them to a pair of underwear with the crotch cut out. Cheap, fun, and holds an OK amount.

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    I use cuts of stretchy cloth bandages (but you can use any good sized stretchy fabric) with velcro on both ends. Easy to make and reusable.

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    I use to back in the day cut the tapes off and make extra extenders, that was like 16 yrs ago when I 1st out grew pampers, not really to sure how to extend the ones with the stretchy sides

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    I attach 2 together, rear-end to front-end, then cut the tapes off the "front" diaper and stick them to the tapes of the "rear" diaper. It's a very crude way of doing it, generally there's a lot of overlap between the two diapers, and honestly even then they're still baby diapers and hardly hold squat. However, I usually only do it to rub one out when I don't feel like using a high quality ABDL diaper to do it. I wouldn't recommend doing this for actual diaper use, though. Holds up liquid as well as a Cadillac Northstar V8 engine (meaning a lot of leaking).

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